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UK's Guardian: Bradley Manning needs consular visit mother tells William Hague


The mother of Bradley Manning, the US soldier accused of leaking data to WikiLeaks, has written to William Hague asking for British consular officials to visit him in military prison to check on his physical and mental health, which she said was deteriorating.

Manning, 23, has been in custody since last May in conditions that have provoked widespread criticism of the US military and government. He is held alone in a maximum security cell for 23 hours a day and stripped naked each night apart from a smock.

Manning does not have a British passport or consider himself British, his lawyer has said, but because his mother, Susan, is Welsh, the soldier is "British by descent", the Foreign Office confirmed this month.

In her letter, Susan Manning wrote that she visited her son in Quantico marine base in Virginia in February, travelling with her sister, Bradley's aunt and his uncle, "but they were not allowed to see Bradley.

"I was very distressed by seeing Bradley. Being in prison, and being held in the conditions which he is, is having a damaging effect on him physically and mentally. I am worried that his condition is getting worse. I would like someone to visit him who can check on his conditions. If Bradley's being a British national means that someone from the British embassy can visit him, then I would like to ask if you can make that happen. I do not believe that Bradley is in a position to be able to request this himself, so I am asking as his mother on his behalf."


Letters to Guardian:
The shameful treatment of Bradley Manning


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Not a crime

I don't believe it is a crime to be a whistle-blower particularly when human rights abuses and murder are involved.

I think it may be a crime both to involve oneself in such activities and further to not report those activities particularly when they are widespread and embedded in government institutions.

Further, when they allege that Manning aided the enemy are they referring to the American people because I have not heard of one instance yet reported that any enemy has made use of any information contained in the data dump.

this deserves a bump.

that is all i have to say that is fit to print.

"The two weakest arguments for any issue on the House floor are moral and constitutional"
Ron Paul

ytc's picture

Thanks, IoP, for this article on Susan Manning, B's mom.

I hope being a "British by descent" offers a better human rights protection than "just being an American citizen"!! (Shame on Obm for degrading the quality of being an American.)