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Africa, Obama, and American Imperialism

The current Libyan conflict has instilled thought provoking ideas, especially within the libertarian community. It has caused me to read up on the confusing geopolitics of the African region.

Now most of us on here believe that the war in Libya is not connected to any humanitarian reason, but is the result of an interventionist foreign policy perpetuated by the neo-conservative establishment.

Now let me make this clear, most of what I'm about to say is completely intended to be thought provoking. I would like to see what fellow like minded people think about the current geopolitics of the region.

In 2006, Donald Rumsfeld formed a planning team to advise on requirements for establishing a new Unified Command for the African continent. In early December, he made his recommendations to President George W. Bush. So why did we establish this? My theory to this question would be Chinese presence on the African continent.

Now, I'm no birther but I'm starting to believe that president was selected for geopolitical reasons (this is the part of the blog that is completely conspiracy based but does have some merit). His African decent could be a part of a branding image to influence the African region. Let me explain why I think this could be so.

http://online.wsj.com/article/SB1000142405274870384380457553... (cookie article)


http://www.reuters.com/news/video?videoId=93084 (good video)

Try googling Obamamania in Africa and read some of the articles that come across the search.

The cookie article illustrates the profound mental effect that could influence the hearts of the African community. Now, I know, cookies sounds pretty silly to influence a region but consider the region being influenced. Africa is one of the poorest continents on the face of the planet, and a cookie with an image could cause support for US presence, since an African US president image is being used.

So what do you guys think? Do you think that Obama could be part of the of an African resource war with China?

And since Obama's birth has come into question, do you think that it could be a giant distraction tactic to keep American preoccupied?

I'm just hoping that we can get Ron Paul into office, I'm tired of watching the State use us and others as pawns in a global game of Risk.

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