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VIDEO - Ron Paul and Obama Debate!

This has been a video I've wanted to create for awhile now, but a computer problem kept me from it. If someone could put the full embed code that would be cool. Don't forget to vote this post up too! It's my attempt at creating a debate between Ron Paul and Obama, as best I could..


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pres obama

I dream of this debate...

hopefully we will see it in 2012. : )

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ron 1 obama 0

as this video illustrates. If they were to have a real debate, obama sounds like a child. Keep my tires inflated to help gas prices, pleasee. Obama, go do some homework.

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you've turned off embedding on your YT vid. (don't ask how I got around it)

Should you want this to spread, you'll want to turn it on.

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I turned Embedding on, but I

I turned Embedding on, but I never turned it off.. Weird.

How did you get around it?




Cool. I just looked at the source for this page and I'm right, I think?

I'm learning.

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Bump: Great video.

Great idea for a video.

this is interesting. I

this is interesting.

I wonder if perhaps there are similar questions during the 2007-2008 debates where if folded together like the compare and contrast you did, if that would work.

Good job though.

Didn't watch the whole thing on first post. Then I saw some zingers like the gas price clip. I don't remember the new hampshire debate clip but WOW, excellent.

What I wanted to do was to

What I wanted to do was to use debate clips, but Obama said a lot of things in 2008 that he's completely flipped on so it it didnt work right.

I decided it'd be best to take his current positions and pitt them against Ron's verbatim as best I could. Also it was easier doing it this way.

In 2008 Obama was anti-war. Now we know he was just anti-bush-war. I also think it's best to focus on current issues of today to reach the American Idol Worshipers.

true... true

true... true