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"I Smell Fear" - over eligibility issue


There is a strange scent in the air this week. I've smelled it before, while the talking heads watched the Twin Towers burn on 9/11. It took them weeks to massage the facts to support their worldview and come to the conclusion that the Islamic-inspired murders were really our fault. Once they did that, however, the fear evaporated. It's safe to hate America. Islamists can kill you.

This time the odor has nothing to do with the attempted murder of 110,000 Americans working in the World Trade Center, by Muslim jihadists. This odor has an elitist scent about it.

Big media have been working frantically to cover up the smell. Operation "birther" has been re-birthed, with numerous stories "discrediting" those poor, misguided souls who believe the president should actually be – at minimum – an American citizen by birth. Or he can't be the president.


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But then again, your name is Doomsayer

But I feel it too.

Colchester, New London County, Connecticut

Glenn Beck, O'Reilly are telling Birthers to shut up on cue

Glenn Beck


are telling Birthers to shut up with excellent timing pre-Obama kick off (walk in tune :Born In the USA)

Obama kickoff: "I grew up in Chicago. I wasn't born here." Laughter then applause: "I was born in Hawaii.But I became a MAN here in Chicago"

have always

had a good sniffer too, and my sniffer is telling me you're right.

At the very least,they don't want to get into the whole Barry name conversation

Did you see this

I really don't know what to think !! Grandpas hand on his back does look really strange.


"Its easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled."
Mark Twain

How do you explain this?

Barack Obama, March 10, 1983 edition of Columbia's Sundial

And how did he get into Harvard Law School if he didn't get an undergraduate degree at Columbia?

Also, Columbia College Today, Barack Obama ’83

The one without Barry is definitely retouched.

I do this stuff all the time, so it was easy for me to recognize tell-tale signs in the Barry-less photo. Look at the rock wall to the right, both above and below the bench. Notice how the texture of one section is duplicated a number of times, right together. Note that this photo is fuzzier than the other, with much less detail. The upper bodies of the grandparents are lighter and have more contrast, while their lower bodies are darker. The one with Barry is larger in all dimensions, meaning it would be very difficult to ADD all the rest of the image with Barry. The bench and the top of the wall are all screwed up.

This isn't just a fake -- it's a pitiful one.

About Grandpa's hand around Barry.... It looks strange for two reasons. One, it isn't actually resting on his shoulder. But photos catch people in the middle of movements all the time. It was probably about to touch Barry's shoulder when the shutter snapped. Second, the angle of Grandpa's upper arm looks wrong, as though his forearm would have to be waaay too long to reach that hand. But look at the other shoulder of the jacket. It breaks downward before following the upper arm. If the other shoulder of the jacket does the same (and why not?), then the upper arm could be extending quite naturally toward where the elbow would need to be for the hand to be where it is.

SteveMT's picture

"This isn't just a fake -- it's a pitiful one."

The same guy was also in charge of the moon landing photos.

Both photos look touched up - look at the lighting

The most telling in the Barry pic is the front of the bench shadow differences when compared with all other shadows.

The bench edge between Barry's legs is much lighter, but why, when the shadow on the rest of the bench on either side matches the apparent back-lit sources?

No flash was used because of the shadows on the men, but grandma is shadowless except a slight one below her arm and purse. Also the light falling between the bench slats below Barry and her doesn't discontinue as it does below grandpa.

The second is an obviously worse retouch, most likely done that way to make the one with Barry look more legit because few will study beyond that, to call the threesome pic good.

Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have the exact measure of the injustice and wrong which will be imposed on them. - Frederick Douglass

Look at the photo that doesn't have Soetoro in it

You can see Barry's left knee in between the grandparents; it looks like this is the one that is photoshopped. Or maybe they both were, the hand does look strange too.

Merely a distraction.

Seems to be working well...

If the birth issue

is allowed to foment and come to a head - it will be a purposeful act to get rid of the current leadership and usher in a new leadership that, although the people will herald as savior, will be even more diabolical.

There is no law governing our country any more. When they ignored the Constitution (as has happened for the past several years, but most blatently during the last two), they effectively said this Republic is dead.

Occupy the people with threats of starvation, etc. while the NWO takes shape right before their eyes.

The law cannot make a wicked person virtuous…God’s grace alone can accomplish such a thing.
Ron Paul - The Revolution

Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms. Ron Paul

I don't have much use for

I don't have much use for either Donald Trump, nor Sarah Palin, but I would like to point out something one of the reporters said.

He said that the White House does not like talking about this subject, and wish it would go away. If that is the case, there would seem to be a very easy way for them to accomplish this. JUST RELEASE THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE. So, why haven't they done so? The only logical answer is that Mr. Obama-Soetoro is hiding something. I know that if my nativity was being questioned regarding my elected position, I would release my birth certificate. I would have released it years ago.

When there is a LEGAL requirement that the president be native born, how is it that his name was placed on the ballot in all 50 (or is it 57?) states when people were questioning that fact?

You mean "natural" born

not 'native" born. Big difference

Natives are natrual born citizens:

"The natives, or natural-born citizens, are those born in the country, of parents who are citizens."


It appears as if a fraud

may have been perpetrated by Pelosi and the DNC, involving the Certificates of Nomination.

Check out the research done on this blog.

There was some "funny business" going on, and Pelosi was in the thick of it.
If this ever gets to a grand jury, alot of people in the DNC are going to go to the hoosegow.
This is why nobody will touch it, because a lot of political heavyweights will have their necks in a noose over it.

This is sick. I understand

This is sick. I understand that the TSA agent did her very trained job BUT if this is the world the elected leaders are molding for us then the sickness is theirs that is pervading our society.

How do you post in the wrong thread?

I don't see any way I could do it, even on accident.

ABC laying it on thick

On Good Morning America they are really hammering it, total dismissal and getting the question wrong...
Plus a couple more links on the page.

Media always talks about birth PLACE, not parent's CITIZENSHIP

Barack Obama's father was never an American citizen. That's what they really want to avoid!

Obama can make a fake birth certificate if necessary, but he can't make his father an American citizen.

they already made a fake

they already made a fake certification of live birth and called it a birth certificate!

hammering can be a sign of

hammering can be a sign of fear......