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Republican Liberty Caucus Endorses Phil Moffett for Governor of Kentucky


For Immediate Release: April 13th, 2011
Contact: Dave Nalle, National Chair: (512) 656-8011 or chairman@rlc.org

Republican Liberty Caucus Endorses Phil Moffett for Governor of Kentucky
Kentucky Voters Have a Strong Candidate Who Will Get Government off their Backs

On Tuesday the national board of the Republican Liberty Caucus voted unanimously to endorse Phil Moffett in the Republican primary for Governor of Kentucky.

In this off-year election season Phil Moffett stands out as one of the most promising candidates. His background in business, his support for limited government and his mission of protecting the people of Kentucky from an overreaching federal government make him the kind of strong champion of liberty the RLC wants to see elected.

“Kentucky already scored a major victory for liberty last year with the election of Rand Paul, and I'm confident that Phil Moffett will bring the same kind of integrity and dedication to better government at the state level which Rand Paul is promoting in Washington," said RLC Chairman Dave Nalle. "We need Republicans like Moffett who will stand up for the best interests of the people and for Constitutionally limited government on the state level just as much as we need them on the national level."

RLC Vice Chairman Aaron Biterman observed, "Moffett's ideas for cutting taxes and his stand against the intrusive policies of the FDA and other federal agencies show creative thinking and a dedication to small and responsive government. Our members in Kentucky are very enthusiastic about Moffett and are rallying around his campaign."

The Republican Liberty Caucus wishes Mr. Moffett every success in his campaign, and will be working hard this year to promote him and Republican candidates like him in order to bring the GOP back to its founding principles of limited government, free enterprise and individual liberty.

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More information on the Phil Moffett campaign is at http://www.philmoffett.com
Information on current and past RLC endorsees and office holders can be found at http://www.rlc.org/


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This is great!

The momentum is building for the Phil Moffett campaign in Kentucky! Join in and be a part of another fantastic win for Liberty! www.philmoffett.com and join his facebook page too!

Keep spreading the news!

bump for Liberty

bump for Liberty

What is the response to him

What is the response to him by regular Kentucky people?