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A Call to SC and the Upcoming Debate

With the first Republican debate scheduled for May 5th in SC, I propose that all patriots in the state bombard the local talk radio shows with calls relating to the issues and Ron Paul’s solutions. Any subject that comes up can be debated and directed to the ONLY answer: Ron Paul.

With the Republican debate only three weeks away, we need people here in SC giving him more attention. We need people to notice unfair treatment by the party and the media (if and when it happens).

Let’s wake them up as much as possible before the debate and I’m positive this will increase our numbers and bring those unsure and misinformed over to the side of liberty!

Russ Cassell is on from 7am - 10am. Phone is 864-232-9673. You can also text in at 71307.

Mike Gallagher is on at 10am. He's nationally syndicated and is broadcasting his show from Greenville for a short while. # is 1-800-655-6543.

At 3pm - 6pm local host Bob McClain is on, # is 864-232-9673. You can also text in at 71307.

Let them know the Revolution is still alive!!!

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