-3 votes

Trump is winning, Paul is losing

in this poll. I don't know if this poll has been already posted, if so please excuse.

So, where are the Ron Paul votes/support?


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I kept getting the google ads

I kept getting the google ads Donald Trump advertisement that leads you to this newsmax poll when I came to the DP, so I finally clicked on it because I was sick seeing his face and wanted to vote against him. They didn't have RP as an option to vote, and they required an email to finish the poll so I just clicked off of it.

So the results tell you - if you see an advertisement for Donald Trump, and click on it, you are more likely to vote for Trump than anyone else... Who woulda thought?!?!

Absolute BS Poll.

No way would he be last with 0%, this is fraud. They need to be exposed and taken to court.

Voting Results

here are the voting results which seem to be difficult to find.


Misleading title

can mods modify? Poll is simply an email harvester.

How do you know Trump is winning if they don't show the results

after you vote?

I just voted in the poll and I only got the option to spam people I know from Newsmax.


I think the TS titled the thread the way he did just so people would go vote.