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Land Grab Anyone??

Take advantage of the liquidation pricing on these excellent properties in western North Carolina
This is in Rutherford County..The lake has a beach on it. While it looks nice up there, the people who will be buying have no idea just what a pit of snakes that place is.
I use to chat with a man that lived there long ago...about 15 yrs ago. he bought him and his family, a real nice home up there, and a business also. He soon found out things where not what they seemed to be.
The realtor didnt do a full disclouser, and because of it, the man sued her. Because of that suit, the man and his family where put through hell, and almost killed, being run off the road, more than once by the local police. They found bugs in their home, and I dont mean the kind you spray or stomp on. They woke up to their dog barking one morning before sun up. Their house was on fire. Of course, the man was blamed. He had local insurance, so in the end, he lost his house. The next day, his business was lite up.
After 3 years of fighting, his wife couldnt take it anymore. The choice came down, they all pack up and leave, or she was taking the kids and leaving.
Lake Lure is a beautiful place filled with wonderful views...and still has a lot of people that would do whatever they could to get rid of anyone that makes even a ripple of a wave.

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