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Best 911 Mainstream Infojam Links

In case you haven't heard, the hottest anti-NWO project which could be the equivalent of the Facebook action which helped foster the Tunisian and Egyptian Revolutions is Mainstream Infojam, a brainstorm which uses a brilliant strategem of using the major corporate media against itself. In a word, it purports to harness the very success the media has in keeping us dumbed-down in order to spread 911 Truth, and general anti-New World Order awareness, by launching "truth torpedos" in enemy waters, so that, say, Richard Gage meets General Hospital. If you want to reach the masses of Americans, grab them by the neck and shake them to WAKE THE FUCK UP! - you've got to go to the mega-following Facebooks like One Life to Live, Ultimate Fight Club Championships, PGA Tour, and Two-and-a-Half-Men.

Yes, sad to say, but this is where millions and millions of Asleep Americans spend their time.

The reason they are watching this crap is so they can forget for a while that they are not sure how to make the next rent, or pay to fix the kid's teeth, because their country has been taken to the cleaners by a cabal which is intent on owning everything while the rest of us are economic slaves. This has been tried and even accomplished, with some success, for periods of time, many times throughout history, yet people have a hard time believing other people capable of such dastardly things, and call you a conspiracy kook if you talk this way. Guess they've never heard of Czarist Russia, or Medieval Europe, or Imperial Rome. Status quos and vast inequalities do not simply happen by accident.

At every stage, moves are carefully planned which expand the holding of assets, be they lands or shares, for the few at the expense of the many. New oppressive laws inhibit resistance, and impoverish entire classes of people overnight. In every case those who resist are met with violence, or constantly evolving powers of imprisonment, or rules allowing state authority to search anyone's "hut," or domains, for evidence of weapons and "subversive literature" like Thomas Paine's Common Sense. This was the case with the British "General Search Warrant" in the American colonies, which were almost the exact equivalent of today's FBI's "national security letters" allowed by the Patriot Act. Essentially, both are blank checks for the government to snoop anywhere it wants, whenever it wants, for any or no reason.

Join Mainstream Infojam on Facebook, a project of We Are Change, which has exploded in growth to over 1400 members. Be choosy in the "truth torpedoes" you post, only the best of the best which opens peoples' eyes to what is happening. This is your country, dude, Skating with the Stars, the Daily Show, Dr. Phil. This is why we are all so stupid and hypnotized, millions and millions of addicts talking about this stuff. Go in and break the trance. Post infojam links, with your own pithy comments.

My favorite truth torpedos below, use them for your infojamming pleasure (warning: Infojamming is FUN! Can there be anything more fun than "JFK Secret Service Stand-down video" meets "Nicole Kidman"? a GD half-million members!)

Revolutionary awareness always precedes revolution!

"JFK Secret Service Stand-down video"
Closes the case on JFK, it's all you have to see. Agent Ready is seen gesticulating in confusion over security detail head Agent Emory Roberts' order to fall back from the limo, leaving the president vulnerable and exposed. It is clear that all this action takes place behind an unaware JFK, and that he never ordered agents off the limo, as cover-ups have indicated, including William Manchester's book "Death of President." Agents have since gone on record flatly denying that it was JFK who ordered them from the limo as he entered Dealy Plaza. JFK is still important. One of the common mockeries of 911 truth is "I bet you believe in the JFK conspiracy too." The common thread which we see is in "Family of Secrets" by Russ Baker: Oilman George HW Bush, who was also in Dallas that day, and made attempts to hide the fact.

"This is an Orange - WTC7 Demolition - video"
One of the best shorts on 911 truth. Contains important sheeple deprogramming: "believe what you see, not what you are told."

Jeff King 911 Presentation, 14 minute version
Lucid and hitting almost all the big points one after the other, with excellent graphics and supporting film footage.

Firefighter John Schroeder Interview
Was inside the North Tower, testifies to explosions throughout the inside of the building throughout the morning. Says core of building was slowly disintegrating.

Barry Jenkins, head of NYC Emergency Services Department, on 911
Died mysteriously last year.

Military conducting martial law exercises in US towns
In direct violation of Posse Comitatus. These guys aren't manning DUI checkpoints. They are patrolling American streets with arms at ready, locked and loaded. Something weird about this sight which makes you a believer. Okay, it could happen here.

Point people to a credible 911 truth site like this because they are liable to find all kinds of junk when they start googling on their own.

Supreme Court rejects damages for innocent man who spent 14 years on death row" (LA Times)
If this doesn't convince you that the government is not your friend, nothing will.

911 Prosecution Plan: Start with Rudy Giuliani
Now they are mad but feeling helpless. What can we do? I still say unite behind a call to start with Rudy, for open-and-shut destruction of evidence. He'll rat the rest out.

Rumsfeld and the $2.3 trillion missing from the Pentagon on the day before 911.
Makes all of 911 not even pass the smell test.

Jesse Ventura's best interview on Wall Street bail-outs, "Our Government has an evil side."
So people can remember what straight talk sounds like.

Glen Greenwald, "Presidential Assassination of US Citizens"
Should make the Obama-bots wonder.

Air Force ordered software to manage army of fake virtual people
Yes, they do care what you think, that is why they are trying to fill your mind with "reality" show junk. Another jaw-dropper.

Good Evening London: V for Vendetta Speech
Self-explanatory. Remember remember this 11 September, 2011.

Dr. Alan Sabrosky, Mossad was behind 911
Anyone who has the guts to come out and say what former Director of Studies of US Army War College Dr. Alan Sabrosky says deserves to be heard. That Mossad had a hand in 911.

Who benefited from 911?
There is even a term for it in the law books, when solving a crime ask "qui bono?" Who benefits?

Get the $8 Trillion Bail-out Money Back, There is No Budget Crisis
The greatest rip-off of a nation in world history.

Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth Summary
Very importantly highlights that thousands of pieces of four and five ton pieces of CUT steel beam were shot out laterally at up to 70MPH. Only high-energy explosives can do this.

You probably have your own truth torpedoes, use them well. These are just some suggestions for your daily three or four truth torpodoes using Mainstream Infojam as a guide to the pop culture Facebooks which reach bazzillions of asleep Americans. Add your own in the comments here but please no "naked links," give it a title and a short description.

Oprah, meet Dr. Alan Sabrosky...

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interesting responses. many more people are

down with truth than i thought.

Release the Sandy Hook video.