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NY Times Article on Justin Amash: In Class of Colorful Freshmen, Meet the Most Contrarian

Many in the press are beginning to refer to Justin as "Mr. No", reminiscent of Dr. Paul being called "Dr. No". It's nice to see the fruits of our labor beginning to make headline news...

"Representative Justin Amash does not believe the government should subsidize public broadcasting, vehemently opposes abortion rights and thinks Democrats are wrong about spending. Yet he has voted against every Republican measure that conforms to those views.

Through Tuesday, Mr. Amash (pronounced uh-MOSH), a Republican who represents a portion of southwestern Michigan, has not voted with the majority 25 percent of the time, the most of any House Republican.

Mr. Amash, 30, a lawyer and the youngest member of the freshman class, stands out even in the patchwork quilt of the 86 often-colorful Republican freshmen."


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