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Saul issues a "correction"

Ron Paul's supporters have asked me to make a "correction". I replayed the tape and what he actually said versus what many (including myself) perceived he said is different. Here is an excerpt from their letter:


If he truly stands by his original post - that it wasn't about Paul but about the field being too large, let him submit a new petition asking everyone in this most recent poll who is getting 1% or less to not be allowed in.


Paul is at 3% and growing. And this isn't an internet poll, this is Zogby.

Or fine, lets all do a "throw the RINOs out" petition - and see how many signatures we get if he still thinks the tactic is legitimate - dumping people because of their un-republican positions.

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Don't Give This Guy Any More Press

Please, why do you give this guy press? I think you should delete all articles about him as his opinion is meaningless. No one is going to DARE exclude Ron. Please see my post of May 20th.

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