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The Great Sarah Palin Baby Hoax

boy, I hope this doesn't go viral and hurt Palin's political career ;-)

PROFESSOR: Sarah Palin Probably Staged A Gigantic Hoax About Being Trig's Mother

A Tale of Two Babies

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Nothing should be a surprise to people because the...

Nothing should be a surprise to people because the big media is all about making up news to fit their different agendas.

Real news rarely if ever gets reported.


Very interesting. Nothing

Very interesting. Nothing surprises me these days.

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Interesting stuff..... but what would be the motivation?

I am not clear on whether they believe that Trig is down syndrome or not? Or whether there even IS a Trig??

I am not clear on why such a hoax would help a candidate?

If it was to hide the fact that SP has a daughter who had a baby out of wedlock... that was certainly blown by her SECOND pregnancy out of wedlock which broke during the same time period.

Did they think that the "pro life" community would go so crazy over this that it would secure SP's future??

Seems a bit elementary for the BIG guys.... but I suppose an amateur like SP could have thought it up, and then, once the lie was out there they were stuck with it.

Proof of identity makes a big difference in someone who wants to be president. But this doesn't seem to matter a hill of beans to anything important

very confused

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