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Obama: I voted as a Senator to help my career, not the country

How about looking at a very recent past comment from the current person in the Whitehouse. I find this mind-blowing if not remarkable:

Here is what President Obama told ABC News George Stephanopoulos regarding his Senatorial vote in 2006 opposing a debt increase:

I think that it's important to understand the vantage point of a senator versus the vantage point of a ... president. When you're a senator, traditionally what's happened is, this is always a lousy vote. Nobody likes to be tagged as having increased the debt limit for the United States by a trillion dollars. ... As president, you start realizing: 'You know what? We -- we can't play around with this stuff. This is the full faith in credit of the United States.' And so that was just a example of a new senator, you know, making what is a political vote as opposed to doing what was important for the country.



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It has become clearer and

It has become clearer and clear to me with much trepidation that if their boy Mitt Romney doesn't pass the roster (yuccchhh)...then it shall be written that Obama will remain on behalf of NWO. The GOP will NOT support the only viable candidate to run against Obama because they know RON PAUL will win. What are the options here? Republican Paul or Third Party or Independent???
I have lost faith in anything Republican unless it is the man himself...RON PAUL

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An opportunity

A comment at the American Thinker site:

"With Obamas propensity for bombast, and talking for the sake of hearing himself, I am amazed that in RNC headquarters, they don't have a scribe or intern or anyone collating and remembering his gaffs, white lies, quotes, and little black lies to use round election campaign time."

Do we have a depot for anywhere for such?

"Maybe make a rap song out of it to appeal to his inner core base, or a Latin Merengue with his quips interspaced in the contretemps rhythm, or maybe just maybe a candidate with a level of savagery equal to his to blurt them out at every chance, debates, on air spots."

Any talented video makers out there? Seems like we have enough material...could someone put together a video of a debate between RP and Obama?

"Little black lies"? "Rap song"? "Savagery"?

Are you promoting the KKK or liberty?

Obama: "ahhh now where did I


"ahhh now where did I put those principles?"

Obama needs to work on his

Obama needs to work on his god image -- he spake it and it did not happen. His slogan "yes we can" ain't working for him very well.

This has to go viral

posting on Twitter.


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sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

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Political expediency run amok.

These people are duplicitous....harlequins....liars.

Kerry: "I actually did vote for the $87 billion before I voted against it,"

They are all the same, except for the Pauls.

What makes Ron, Rand and a few other different?

What makes Ron, Rand and a few other different from other politicians?

They are not sociopaths or psychopaths.

Why do we elect so many sociopaths and psychopaths to office? We are killing our offspring with radioactive tools and saying it is acceptable risk. This is a problem for human kind.

Free includes debt-free!