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The FBI Seizes The Three Biggest U.S. Poker Websites

As a semi-professional poker player, this was the last headline that I wanted to see today:

The FBI Seizes The Three Biggest U.S. Poker Websites

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/online-poker-websites-fraud-2...

It seems as if the executives at these sites have been indicted for fraud and illegal gambling and 75 of their accounts have been frozen. This is going to have multi-billion dollar implications and hurt players not only in the US, but around the world.

I'm sick to my stomach right now.

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Wow, no responses? Maybe

Wow, no responses? Maybe people didn't see this or don't understand the magnitude of it, but online poker is a multi-billion dollar industry. Thousands of people across the US make a living on the game. It's a game of skill where people who study and work hard at improving their play can make money and take care of their families on their own, without having to work for someone else.

I understand that the government wants their piece of the pie, but being of the libertarian mindset, I don't agree that they have the right to the fruits of another person's labor, and even if they do want to regulate it and take a % (which like any business where profit margins are sometimes slim, is going to drive a large percentage of players out of business right off the bat), what are people who DEPEND on this for their income...to pay their rent and put food on the table, going to do now??? There are NO freaking jobs out there!!!

I'm literally beside myself in anger right now.

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