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BEWARE the "prosperity"

Their word is PROSPERITY; Obama, and the Neo-Cons...and we know they have been snake oil salesmen selling us the lie that if we just raise the debt ceiling ONE MORE TIME, prosperity lies on the other end of that DESTRUCTIVE monetary policy.

Watch Marco Rubio; according to Michael Medved, that is his mantra..."one more time, and then...that's it!" It's B.S. and we all know it!

Paul Ryan's 2012 Budget bill is named ... "Path to Prosperity"

Prosperity, Romney said it...his theme, "Create jobs that leads to prosperity"

The fastest growing Neo-Con, pro-Republican Party, Michele Bachman/Sarah Palin think-tank is Americans for Prosperity.

Prosperity, Prosperity, Prosperity...you will be SICK of that word one year from now!!!

Prosperity will come when we "throw off" this parent government, "break their bands asunder" politically, and we are no longer slaves carrying notes printed by the Fed from one plantation to the next in our daily travels.

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