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very good video about FED for older teenagers college age people

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Great find
Thanks for posting.

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Please Put the Name of the Movie in the Post

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But, this one was posted three days ago. (No one commented on it, so no loss of history other than my own comment.)

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The point being, if someone wants to post this again today, they won't find your post when they search because you haven't described it using the title of the film.

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I was fairly young

when I made my first collage -- in grade school, maybe 4th or fifth grade -- but I'm guessing this video woulda been over my head.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

sorry from the south

phonics dosnt work so well when you mispronounce half your words.

Worth a bump


New Hampshire and Ecuador.


never seen anything quite like it, good production. Might get a little 'fringy' for some as it goes into the Rothschild conspiracy (ie: waterloo) as well as JFK assassination and Exec. Order 11110; not sure how RP feels about this.