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Political Prisoner Marc Emery Denied Transfer Home by US Government

"CANNABIS CULTURE - The United States Department of Justice has refused imprisoned political activist Marc Emery's transfer back to Canada, meaning he will likely spend the majority of his five-year sentence in a US federal prison.

In a phone call placed this afternoon from a prisoner transfer center in Oklahoma, Marc informed his wife and fellow activist Jodie Emery that he received a letter from the Canadian consulate with news the US government would not approve his treaty transfer back to Canada due to "the seriousness of the offence" and "law enforcement concerns".


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B.C. pot activist denied transfer to Canada

"Mr. Emery is also being transferred from a minimum- to a medium-security prison in Mississippi, leading his lawyer to express concerns for his safety and question whether he is being singled out for extra punishment because of his outspoken opposition to marijuana laws.
“There is no doubt that the prison population in a U.S. medium-security prison will increase the level of risk to him as an individual,” Kirk Tousaw said Friday, after learning of the switch and rejection of Mr. Emery’s request for a transfer to Canada."