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YASP: Yet Another Straw Poll: Iowa Caucus 2012

http:// 2012iowacaucus .com/

Looked through five pages of posts and did a search, didn't see it elsewhere.

Only 872 votes so far. Dr. Paul is in fourth at 8% with 68 votes.

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I saw an article on Facebook

that said Trump was on top of a straw poll and Paul was on the bottom with about 8 in between. That is terrible. Are we making the progress we think we are?

Ron Paul (13%, 140 Votes)

RP in 3rd place.

Oh brother, Trump surging in

Oh brother, Trump surging in the polls aqnd wins a CNN poll. That tells you the Republorats are desperate when they have to roll out Donald Chump.

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It's there, lower right hand front page.

Ron Paul is third.


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Plano TX

direct link

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