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[Video] Rand Paul Defends Tea Party on Senate Floor: I Dare You to Come to A Rally

    “It’s amazing to me to be lectured to and
    hear about how awful the Tea Party is.”

So began Sen. Rand Paul’s (R-KY) defense of the Tea Party on the Senate floor yesterday. And he took off from there, inviting detractors to visit an actual rally and chastising Democrats for trying to blame the Tea Party for the delay in approving a budget bill.

“They want to blame it on the Tea Party because in their secret caucus meetings they’ve done a poll that says the Tea Party could be the villain. Call them extreme, call them all Tea Partiers, say the Tea Party has taken over the Republican Party,” he said. “Well you know what the Tea Party believes in? Good government. We Believe in balancing the budget. We believe in reducing spending.”


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Did anybody else notice how

Did anybody else notice how he kept saying things like "Ask your representatives?"...because he, his dad, and a handful of other people up there are actually fighting FOR the people. This goes without saying, but it's always nice to see an actual statesman speaking to the PEOPLE instead of the corporate interests and fellow elitist politicians. Get 'em Rand!

"The times call for courage. The times call for hard work. But if the demands are high, it is because the stakes are even higher. They are nothing less than the future of human liberty, which means the future of civilization." – Henry Hazlitt

Go Rand*))


Thanks for posting.

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Great interview

A must watch..

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one must expect the diseases it spreads."
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Very well spoken.

We may all be proud he is speaking simple & clear. He appeals to common sense.

Government promises are funding by promises.... that you are expected to pay...

Where does all this funding come from?

The Fed: Loaning you blind, since 1913.

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look forward to him

speaking for his dad on the campaign trail.

that was golden

I do believe he is growing into his position