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Hawaii, Other States, Form Caucus to Oppose TSA Intrusions

[It's time to embarrass Boehner and the GOP establishment.
Ron Paul introduced legislation last year and it's bottled up in Judiciary}

Hawaii, Other States, Form Caucus to Oppose TSA Intrusions

BY SEN. SAM SLOM – Believing that the federal Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has gone too far in an assault on individual and states rights, a new, national, bipartisan legislative caucus is emerging to take action.

Dubbed tentatively the “United States for Travel Freedom” caucus, it officially convened on April 14, 2011 via teleconference and video live streaming (http//alaskalegislatrure.tv/).

The mission of the caucus is to, “establish a centralized location to share information regarding

· detailed information of federal security policies as they pertain to the right to travel freely
· detailed information on how these policies affect the citizens of the United States of America
· detailed information on methods of screening and the accumulative costs of these procedures.

Primary organizers are Alaska State Representative Sharon Cissna and Washington State Senator Val Stevens. Republican and Democrat legislators from Alaska, Hawaii, Michigan, Montana, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Texas and Washington have pledged to work together for common goals to oppose what is perceived as an ever growing threat to liberty by the TSA. Additional state legislative participation is anticipated.

Each of the lawmakers involved to date has introduced legislation in their state to curb what they, and their state’s citizens, believe to be excessive power by the TSA.

Specific issues include constitutional rights, invasion of privacy and civil rights, child protection and fiscal issues. Many of the state bills call for individual state prohibitions on TSA procedures with the ultimate goal federal action against the operations of the TSA itself.

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Sounds like a positive though cautious

baby step.