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If you have children, you MUST watch this video

As many of you are aware, I have seen many many disturbing documentaries (even helped make a few), but this one takes the cake. I'm beside myself. We've done well protecting our daughter thus far without the depth of knowledge we gained tonight, but HOLY COW! You have to watch this--especially if you have children.
Maybe my Faithy Lou is so happy because she's never seen a tv?? The word "Disturbing" doesn't go far enough; it's appalling.

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The slogan press on has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race. No person was ever honored for what he received. Honor has been the reward for what he gave.

- Calvin Coolidge

just watched - thx Mike!

I'll be sitting my 18 yr old son down today to watch it also! I too don't agree with more government regulation, just spreading awareness!

" Single acts of tyranny may be ascribed to the accidental opinion of they day; but a series of oppresssions...pursued unalterably, through every change of ministers, too plainly proove delibrate, systematical plan of reducing us to slavery..."

you know if parents

guided their children instead of letting the tv do it or the public school do it or there friends or etc you would not have to worry about that.

Have you ever seen 19 kids and counting? there mama and daddy guide them and you know what you dont see a lot of whining.

For example if your kids are addicted to tv make them too busy for it. With boy scouts, or karate, or something.

It goes way deeper than just TV

I agree with you entirely though. It's not a public issue but a parents' issue.

Thanks for posting this documentary Mike.

This is a very powerful documentary and you really should change your title. EVERY American should see this documentary so they can see how deep they have been duped. This documentary does focus on the marketing techniques aimed at children, but after watching this, one just has to understand that these techniques are used in the exact same way in ALL television programming, not just advertising. Anyone who watches this documentary and then does not understand how we have been and continue to be socially engineered for the benefit of a few, is simply stupid. We are slaves and this documentary shows us why.

I disagree

If you need to watch this documentary you are probably not busy enough and need to go and make yourself busy. I dont think busy people would have much trouble with not being programed by the tv. just saying.

It might be a wake-up call.

I worked as a headhunter back in 1978. When I read the resumes marketing people sent and considered my experience with advertising to date, I shut off the TV and radio, bought vinyl recordings or just listened to classical on local University station, read books and watched movies.

Those resumes I read were like a written form of documentary that brought the issue into focus. Things changed beyond awareness. I had prayed once to be left free to discover what was truly important. The journey continues.

Free includes debt-free!

How is it that you could possibly disagree with my comment

when you didn't even watch the documentary? You, my friend, are the very example of whom I referred to when saying EVERY American should see this documentary. And....uh puhleeze, don't even attempt to speculate on my lifestyle suffice to say I could use a much bigger word than "busy" and know full well you'd most probably be out of my league.

watched ten minutes

I dont think it is wrong i just know a lot of people this dont matter too because they are too busy for all the advertising. Me personally I work two jobs, full time and part time, do karate, and am in three different ministries at church. As a single person I consider myself at a tolerable level of business. My sister since starting to homeschool her kids has stopped the cable because all the stuff they now do because of homeschooling.

I just dont think it is acceptable saying something is bad if you dont push replacing it with something.

How to remove your lineage from the gene pool?

How to remove your lineage from the gene pool?

Wait for government to effectively regulate industry.

Children are tempted, "become like gods, judging good and evil." This is a human problem, and its the same problem described in our earliest oral traditions.

Becoming enslaved to judgments is poisonous to an individual's liberty.

A person who says "those ads don't affect me" are those the ads affect the most. Thinking they need no barriers they erect none leaving their unconscious mind open to temptation.

Marketing is a mix of psychiatrists, psychologists, public relations managers with sociopaths tendencies who spend years training themselves to the art of manipulating people against their better interests.

Marketeers vs. unconscious consumer, I put my money on the trained professionals.

That makes me wary. Not having much money makes makes me a poor target. Plus I like playing the cheapskate.

Free includes debt-free!

The cheapskate

Being a cheapskate is contrary to the trained professionals outcome. Why are you able to resist?

Liberty = Responsibility

Interesting question! Faulty programming?


Free includes debt-free!

When you are relatively "poor", decision making is easier.

You spend what money you have wisely, or you starve. When you live in an entitled society like ours and demonstrate lax, inconsistent or absent parenting, kids will eat you alive.

Brilliant Video! MUST SEE!


I should add that I completely disagree with their "solution"

We don't need government action, we need to be wide awake humans, not sleeping sheeple.

What I learned

Parents have too say NO:
No to their kids being plugged in by all these devices. No cell phone and one hour of screen time a day is my limit. We have no cable or traditional TV. My kids get a movie on Sat and each night they can get on line or use my iPad for up to one hour.
My oldest is 12, she does not have e-mail, phone etc. IT IS MY JOB TO PROTECT HER. If I expect the Govt to do it how will I teach them critical thinking skills?
It is a big bad scary world out there for the feeble minded. The mind resembles muscles in some regards, it must be exercised. Parents have become enablers and then it is so much easier to blame an external source for their kids poor behavior and coping skills.

The solution in this movie is absurd!


Liberty = Responsibility