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UN botches a coverup of its climate change predictions for 2010

UN claimed 50,000,000 would be displaced by climate. Well that never happened, but an INEPT COVER UP ATTEMPT did.


Check it out. I think I'm going to be calling this guy the next time my computer acts up! Two Thumbs up for his back tracking the UN's site.

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We face so many potential

We face so many potential problems but nobody knows for sure exactly when things will happen.

Many of us here were expecting the financial crash in Sept '08, but we did not know that is when it would occur. Many are expecting another more catastrophic collapse, but the projections range anywhere from this summer out to the year 2025 or so.

We are staring down a list of potentially disastrous scenarios:

- financial collapse
- peak oil
- peak water
- peak food / food supply disruptions
- societal collapse
- nuclear meltdown
- environmental "collapse" ???

I'm undecided as to whether or not we can cause global warming or climate change. However, I am certain that the government wants to use it as a way to squeeze more money out of our pockets.

About the 50,000,000 refugees... maybe the UN was expecting Yellowstone to blow it's top last year. If that ever does happen again it will certainly change the weather on the planet for a while.


C02 combined

.... with water actually promote cooling. See most recent science here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cdxaxJNs15s&feature=player_em...

For fun see Youtube cartoon:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cdxaxJNs15s&feature=player_embedded

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Hilarious. I love the independent internet

truth squad.

They sure keep the PTB on their toes!

IF it weren't for that we might be even further along.....

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