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Action Alert: Texas to Outlaw TSA

The Texas Legislature has moved closer to outlawing TSA groping, but we must keep working. HB1937 has passed out of its first committee. Now it is in the Calendars Committee, the committee which decides what bills will be heard on the House floor and when. This is the committee where bills get killed.

EVERYONE needs to make some effort and push this bill to the next stage. Here is how you can help, if you are in Texas:

1. Find out who your representative is by entering your address here:


2. Send an email to your representative in support of HB1937:

The Honorable (insert name of Representative)
Texas House of Representatives
P.O. Box 2910
Austin, Texas 78768-2910

I am [a constituent/concerned Texan] writing to urge you to support HB1937 and work to set it on the House Calendar at the very next opportunity.

HB1937 is fundamental to the protection of ourselves and our children against violations and abuse no matter what the source. Thank you for protecting your fellow citizens and thank you for protecting Texas.

[your name]

3. Send an email to each of the members of the Calendars committee listed here:


4. Report back on this thread when you are done.

If you are not a Texan, send your support to Rep. David Simpson. Thank him for the bill but tell him any information which you may have that will aid in the fight. Any stories, prose, and your support is helpful to the representative and he can use them when he communicates the NATIONAL outpouring he has received to his office!

Rep. Simpson’s information is here:


View HB 1937 here:


We can win this!

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Anybody emailed yet??

Come on DP....here is our chance to actually do instead of discuss.



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You can email on the weekend...

Let us know after you have made contact!

A big

Atlas Shrugged bump!

Liberty is on the march, tyranny is on the run!



Pardon self bump but this is important

Mods please consider front page

Excellent work.

Very important this get done. Thanks for posting.

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