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What Congress would look like IF

GOOD Inforgraphic of the US Congress IF it followed current demographic statistics.


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This is bogus.

First it's the same old "race is all that matters" view. The point of the Congress is representation of the American people, not playing with racial quotas. This mindset divides people and is part of the problem.

Moreover, what does the chart purport to say sotto voce, that a White Christian male can only represent other White Christian males?

Yet, my precise demographic doesn't even make the categories. I guess then I must have zero representation. I am represented by a Jewish Congressman and two Jewish women Senators, all Democrats. I'm neither Democrat, woman, nor Jew, so I guess I am the victim of institutionalized anti-Christian, anti-male, anti-White racism. Oh, wait now, that's actually true to some extent. But I am forgetting my manners, only white Christian males can be racists and over-represented in Congress.

Religon and Political affiliation are interesting

I can see now why Ron Paul needs to stay a Republican.

But Political Affiliation and Religion are interesting...they get smooshed out in our current set up - even though there is a significant amount of the population claiming to be unaffiliated or other in both these categories. AND I had no idea that there really were so few Jews....wonder where I got that misconception?