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What will happen when China pops?


I expect China to Break up, but what will happen to the rest of the world?

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More Repression in China

Many Chinese people will be whipped and beaten like wild beasts. Many Chinese will succumb to these assaults. The unintended consequences could be devestating unless the government repression in China will be of the most brutal of nature imo.



World War three will go hot when the currency wars take too many casualties in each Gangster Bankster Cotrolled area, Russia, China, British Crown. Each Gang will blame the other two gangs and then they will nuke all the people with neutron bombs to kill off as many human beings as possible. Oh, wait I forgot, The United States just nuked Japan, again.
Getting a head start.
The currency War is in it's final stages, after that the nukes start to rain down.
Sorry guys, but that's their plan.
Commerce and "Banking" are Warfare by paper. When the paper weapons loose their edge the missiles and bombs will take their turn.

All The People of Earth are the Enemy of The States (Gangs).

The Oracle

Global depression the a

Global depression the a return to sound currency and American manufacturing. lol

"The economy's not a class you can master in college. To think otherwise is the pretense of knowledge."

That was and interesting report on China's bubble.

Don't we owe them trillions of dollars?

Are the Japanese in the market for a pre-built city or two?

Government is mucking things up. A better role for government is needed. The role of brutal father and cruel mother is inhuman.

Free includes debt-free!