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21 Reasons Why Ron Paul Must Run in the Republican Primaries

Someone has posted a topic attempting to show that Ron Paul should run as an independent. I am absolutely convinced that his enemies would strongly agree.

Therefore I am posting my own list, showing why Ron Paul must remain in the Republican Party and run in the Republican Primaries.

1. The Republicans are more open to Ron Paul's positions than the public at large. If Ron Paul cannot win in the Republican Primaries, he can never win as an independent.

2. Ron Paul winning the Republican nomination depends on there being a perfect storm of trouble that eliminates all other candidates' credibility. There is no other way.

3. If Dr. Paul were to run as an independent he would have to give up his seat in Congress.

4. By running independent, he would severely damage the chances of his two sons future political success.

5. Ballot access is not achievable with money alone. The requirements of some states require huge petition drives, and even national third parties have not been successful in gaining access in all 50 states.

6. Remember Ross Perot

7. Failing to enter the Republican Primary will mean that he will face a Republican household name in November. He would be a spoiler at best.

8. He would be written off as a non-player in the primary season if he were not to run as a Republican, and would be ignored even more than he has been in the past. Libertarians underestimate the philosophical animosity of his political enemies.

9. He would be free to select a VP running mate from outside of the establishment GOP, or outside of the GOP altogether.

10. A majority of the electorate would only consider his candidacy during a crisis, which is likely to occur before Nov. 2012. (He has stated previously that his Republican candidacy would depend on the condition of the economy. That he is moving toward becoming officially a candidate indicates that he believes the condition is worsening rapidly.)

11. As an independent he would escape notice with the huge amounts of money being spent by the other candidates.

12. The 2 main political parties are firmly in grip of enemies of liberty. Ron Paul is the only one who could help wrest control of the Republican Party away, in favor of the People. His enemies have tried to paint him as an outsider, but his national image as a deep thinker has only gained him more respect and prestige as a Republican Congressman and Committee Chairman.

13. The Libertarians formed their own party over 30 years ago, and have gotten nowhere. Political parties are of necessity coalitions of disparate groups that don't all think alike. Ron's chance is to be in the right place at the right time. The right place is the Republican Party.

14. If an independent or third party candidate were to win by some fluke, he would face a congress firmly united against him, with absolutely no influence with either party.

15. His issues draw from Conservative and Libertarian themes, and appeal to independents. His candidacy can draw huge numbers of independents and Libertarians into the Republican Party, thereby increasing our chances of gaining control.

16. Ron Paul supporters who remain outside of the GOP are shooting themselves in the foot, and harming his cause by not becoming active in supporting him within his party.

17. Ron Paul is not a Democrat or an independent because his wisdom, and history, show him that he is more effective as a Republican than in any other political environment. He has more in common with more Republicans than with any other political group.

18. People might confuse him running as an independent as being like a Ralph Naderite or a Ross Perot. The comparisons would be inevitable and people would write him off, considering their suspicions that he is too much of an oddball to be confirmed.

19. He might as well just retire.

20. Unlike in 2008, his Party is grudgingly acknowledging that he was right, and has even granted him honors previously denied him, including his chairmanship.

21. He will never win if he isn't seen. Consider how relatively few voters frequent libertarian sites. That is why we can talk here, as though in a private room, about the rest of "them" out there.

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Dear rlcmcallen,

With Donald Trump making waves and the Republican sycophants drooling for his next vapid utterance, how can you honestly believe that Dr. Paul has a snowball's chance in hell of capturing the Republican nomination?

Ron Paul is the antithesis of what the puppet masters would want.

Neither the Dems or the Repubs, want to curb the wasteful, and exorbitant practice of policing the world, because the banks, the corporations, and the military industrial complex, all want endless war for resources, and empire for power.

The puppet masters run the world, and the president is just a puppet, unless, that president is Ron Paul.

That is what they fear.

A man who would do what is right, and not their bidding.

I don't know if you realize this, but the members of this site have helped to demonstrate to the people, that the left-right paradigm is a dead idea, a lie, a trap and a dead-end.

The American people are realizing that most elected officials are corrupt, bought out and paid for.

It is time for some real change.

Ron Paul as an independent, would be unbeatable in my mind.

As an Independent, you could truly throw all the mud you want at both parties, and the American people would back you, because they realize the game is rigged at this point in time.

Many people just hate the name of Republican, because of that dimwit George "W" Bush, and his lies, and corporate welfare policies, and endless war against a tactic.

Ron Paul should run as an independent.

He has given his entire life for America, what has he got to lose at this point, how much longer is he going to live?

I wouldn't be surprised if he ran as an Independent.

He is the only politician I trust.