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EMERGENCY Water Filtration-->> How To Remove The Radiation From Your Water NOW...as in TODAY!

Many of you are reading about the high levels of radiation in your rain/tap water. Many of you are researching whether or not your water is safe to drink, bath in, or use at all. Since most/many municipalities are not or will not test for radiation, what should you do?

while this idea may seem like a workable solution, it does not solve the fact that no one knows how long this disaster will last, (nor if there will be another similar one in the future) Plus there is the storage issue, not everyone has access to storage for this much water...


Point of use filtration:

There may be no way to completely filter out all radiative isotopes, some yes, all no (reverse osmosis can remove a small portion).”

However, given the immediate need, we can use the capability that reverse osmosis has to offer to our advantage. This solution below will allow someone to get in their car and go get the needed equipment and install it TODAY!

Reverse osmosis has become the industry standard for purification of bottled water. The process has prefilters which included, sediment and carbon filtration prior to the RO processes. Post filtration includes last stage carbon and ultra filtration down to 3 to 5 microns.

Let us begin with the Kitchen.

The greatest volume of drinking water and water used for cooking flows through the Kitchen faucet. We will begin at the point of highest use.

You want to use an under the counter RO systems, which pipes the purified water up to a separate faucet which will be installed by drilling a hole, or for stainless steel surfaces a punch tool will work, if no pre-existing hole is already present.

Previously, the sump type RO unit, required the manual change out of 10 inch filters, requiring manually taking a special plastic round sump wrench and one by one opening and loading and closing the sumps. This required contact with the used filters which will by change out time be loaded with impurities that the filter has removed from your water over a 6 to 12 month period.

In a radioactive environment a nuclear hygienist working for military or civilian facilities, or NBC training officer with the military, will not advise the physical handling of used filtration media. After 6 months of use it will be hot. In larger operations of scale, while taking on the cleaning of radioactive waste water filtration media becomes so hot, personnel cannot even approach the filtration device, let alone open the sump to replace the filtration media. This was problematic. Then the idea came to produce an encapsulated disposable filter cartridge that would be monitored and removed before it reached dangerous levels. Originally very large cartridges were designed for industry use and required carts to move them. Personnel were adequately suited for exposure levels while working to remove and replenish threshold cartridges. The spent used cartridges were moved to entombment burial sites.

The encapsulated filter technology evolved through three decades until it became available for civilian residential use.

This background on encapsulated filtration cartridges is very important to know in a radioactive environment. To approach filter change in a pre-311 manner will, as time passes, become more and more hazardous. You must avoid opening a sump filtration container, due to nuclear hazard. Opening a sump in your primary food preparation area will surely lead to unintentional leakage and splash on to the kitchen floor, on your hands and body. The longer this event drags on, the higher the hazard, there will just be more radiation accumulating in the filter media.

The RO unit you select must be based on this design, encapsulated filtration cartridges.

Fortunately, and Providentially, this type of RO system based on encapsulated filtration cartridges, is now available for residential home use, and it is under the counter installable, esthetically pleasing and affordable.

Premier RO-Pure, Model WP RO-4

Costco sells the unit for $159.99 in most areas.

You might want to add a permeate pump to the unit, this will save a lot of water in the long run. Or buy the unit with a permeate pump already installed from US Water, who is the largest distributor of Watts systems in the US.

Please remember that this is is an emergency response recommendation. Better solutions exist, but under the present circumstance we all need help with this problem now! Costco is a drive away. Buy one for your kitchen and if you can afford it, one for each bathroom and one for your business. You can use the water to wash your face and brush your teeth with, as well as a late night drink of water for the kids.

Cartridge change is easy and safe, with no spill danger during change out. It’s so easy to do, just twist and press the button, dispose of the cartridge in the trash when it is time to change out. The frequent regular 6 month change out will keep radiation levels low.

RO will remove 92%+ of uranium and preliminary unpublished tests seem to indicate the other radioactive particle removal at about the same rate.

What about the other 8%?

Good question, now the other part.

Water finishing filtration:

Many minds have grappled and are now grappling with this problem of how to remove the remaining 8% or less, you may get up to 96% removal depending of several factors, such as filter life. New and freshly installed filters and RO membrane will perform better that an older one, producing a cleaner product.

So we need to remove 4% to 8% of contaminate from RO finished water. How do we do that?

It has been suggested that the RO water be run through a second time through a secondary post RO systems, which would yield a reduction of contaminate reduction of 50%, assuming filters and membrane at peak efficiently. But this is speculation.

Distillation has been suggested, however radioactive Iodine-131 was found rising in the steam emissions from Fukushima. This isotope can ride on H20 in various states, such as steam (gas state), rain (liquid state) and snow (solid state as ice).

A resin based, DI system seems to be a better solution to purify out the remaining radiation. A dual resin two tank system may work. Resins pull out the radioactive particles using electrical ion charges on the surface of resins contained in the filtration media. The best resin based DI systems is under investigation and testing.

But what can we do now to remove the 4-8%?

Fortunately and providentially, after decades of development, ion exchange tech is now available for home use.

A five stage filtration system, compact, transportable and affordable is now here.

It is the Zero water Ion Exchange filter.

Order through Amazon, a Zero water Pitcher, order at least two. It comes with a filter enclosed in the box. You may enjoy having two because when you are using one to pour the other is refilling. Turn on your RO faucet, fill the top of the pitcher, wait and there you have water with Zero particles per million. The ion exchange process will remove a good portion of the remaining particles within the water. By filling your Zero water pitcher with RO water you will extend the life of the ZeroWater cartridge. http://www.amazon.com/ZeroWater-ZD-013-Filtration-Electronic...

The company has not tested their filter with radioactive water, and makes no claims that their product removes isotopes, such as Iodine-131, etc.

So there you have it, perhaps the best shot at solving the problem today, using what is available, a MacGyver -like solution.

There are better answers for sure, but none as readily available as a drive to Costco and on line order from Amazon.

For info on this and more click here

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Link says the product is out

Link says the product is out of stock.


this may be really NEEDED RIGHT NOW!!!

see this post as to why>>>> http://www.dailypaul.com/223851/california-slammed-by-fukush...

The radiation in the rain/drinking water will be higher for who knows how long (a week? a month? 5 months?) thus filtering out the radiation.. is PARAMOUNT to your families health!

There is a Solution


The only water filter that's been tested to remove 100% of all known radiological isotopes.

Test results obtained from independent laboratories according to EPA & NSF protocols.

Best of all, it's portable so you can take it with you.



"Test results obtained from independent laboratories according to EPA & NSF protocols."

That to me is funny.

Does anyone else here on the DP find that funny?


I try to change people every day. Do You?


charcoal will do it.

as in - what thy use in a britta filter

as in what they use to filter vodka

No, charcoal will not do it.

Charcoal is only used to remove organic solubles.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

In my reading concerning radioactive fallout

I've repeatedly seen the claim that fallout particles tend to settle in a still water body such as a lake or a bucket and that settled water is safe for drinking and cooking, at least from a radiological standpoint. I would still filter it though.

Once entrained in a municipal water distribution line it's difficult to see how sufficient settling would occur. I would therefore suggest creating your own settling operation. A few buckets would do. Let the water stand for several days, carefully dip out of the top so as not to re-mix any sediments, then stir and throw out the bottom half, rinse with a little of the "clean" water from the top half, and re-fill the bucket from your water source for more settling. To facilitate removal of the "good" water a spigot could be mounted at the halfway mark on the bucket.

I would take these steps rather than run city water directly into a filter. For one thing, you may not always have city water or adequate line pressure and will need to collect rain water, pond water, or even ditch water that you would want to settle anyway before trying to filter it. Settling will vastly improve filter life.

Being entirely radiation free is not an option. There is constant destructive background radiation from our sun, other stars, radionuclide decay in rock, radon gas seeping up through the soil, etc. It constantly rips through our bodies, leaving paths of destruction, and our bodies must continually repair the damage, which they seem able to handle at normal levels.

The fallout from several Japanese reactors in meltdown is unlikely to deposit enough particles on our roof or flower beds to cook us with gamma radiation as we huddle in our homes, which is the classic fallout scenario. It is the uptake of the radioactive elements themselves that matters to our survival in this case.

What can kill us are small clumps of unstable elements that either lodge in one place (E.G. the lungs) or are taken atom by atom through the intestinal lining and stored in dangerous concentrations where they irradiate the surrounding tissues at a level the body is not equipped to handle. Unstable isotopes of iodine concentrating in the thyroid gland is the leading example.

Plutonium, an alpha emitter, is of little danger except in the lungs because alpha radiation cannot penetrate our skin and is moved along through the intestines. Due to their need for rapid gas permeability, however, the cell walls of the lungs are necessarily very thin and cannot block alpha radiation. A minute particle of plutonium that lodges in the lungs will therefore damage the surrounding cells and open the door to lung cancers -- not an immediate death sentence but an almost inevitable, slow, painful death, especially amid a societal collapse.

Particle size is important with lung-lodged radionuclides. A single atom may damage only one cell when it deteriorates but a clump of ten thousand atoms may cause more damage than the body is able to repair. (Even though plutonium is a giant heavy element, ten thousand atoms is still microscopic.) Therefore it should be important to establish the size of particles raining down on us from Japan's nuclear disaster. Particles small enough to become airborne again once deposited, yet large enough to do a lot of tissue cooking are of particular concern.

My guess is that, without a thermonuclear explosion and massive updraft, the fallout stemming from the Fukushima plant will be mostly tiny particles and any larger ones will have fallen into the Pacific before they reach us. But guessing is not very useful; particle measurement data is crucial to assess our risk.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Do you know

if the Costco device (being reverse osmosis) will remove fluoride?

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To answer my own question

I found this:

What Chemicals do Reverse Osmosis and Distillation Remove/Reduce?

Reverse osmosis will generally remove any molecular compounds smaller in size than water molecules. Such compounds include salt, manganese, iron, fluoride, lead, and calcium (Binnie et al, 2002).

And of course the down-side:

Reverse osmosis, because it removes minerals according to physical size, is non-selective in its removal of dangerous and beneficial minerals.


The law cannot make a wicked person virtuous…God’s grace alone can accomplish such a thing.
Ron Paul - The Revolution

Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms. Ron Paul

There have been over 2k

There have been over 2k nuclear bombs blown up over the past several decades, not to mention Chernobyl, Three Mile Island and any other incidents that I don't know about. If you haven't been getting radiation out of your water since you were born, you're already effed anyway.

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I was reading about Zeolite the other day

as a solution to treat radioactive water.

We sold zeolite as a hydroponic growth medium for a while, but it never really took off.

Apparently there are about 50 different kinds of zeolite. Here are some of the things it is used for. (one of them being Radioactive Waste Site remediation/decontamination)


It can also apparently be taken internally to remove heavy metals and toxins from the body.

I was thinking of maybe making a zeolite/carbon prefilter, or possibly a post filter after R/O.

Jefferson, you still have that zeolite?

If so how much do you have left?

You can't filter out radiation

And it will go right through the plastic water bottles.
Besides, think about it, instead of lightly radiated water, you'll end up with a highly radiated filter cartridge that will kill you anyway. You might as well cast a spell or do a dance.
I suggest prayer and fasting because if you're drinking radiated water, you're headed to meet God soon.

Excelent point

and way to put it simply in logical terms. I overlooked this obvious fact.

..lol..actually Mike, your

..lol..actually Mike, your comment has me still thinking about the radioactive piled up water filter..for two days I have thought about it..we r doomed. I figure, well, in the Bible seems like God always gave a chance, first, to find an honest man or two..I am tying to be one. I really try. Hope it matters.


That's right, Jdayh. Are you ready to meet God? Or would you rather do a little more fear mongering first?

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Be nice katherine

Jdayh's only trying to help folks out. He's passionate and it may come across as fear mongering, but it's just a way to highlight the seriousness of the situation.

It is amazing how

people lash out at fellow DP members. Fear Mongering? Are you kidding. If you don't like the post...then move on. Pour yourself a big glass of Iodine 131 water......mmmmmm Yum.

No one

is lashing out at anyone here. You have misunderstood my meaning.

"Stand up for what you believe in. Even if you stand alone."
~ Sophie Magdalena Scholl
"Let it not be said that we did nothing."
~ Ron Paul
"You must be the change you want to see in the world."
~ Mahatma Gandhi


are the only one I see "fearmongering", with this "are you ready to meet God yet" business..
I see the OP trying to offer solutions.
It is now common knowledge that the Govt lied about the air quality on 9/11, and people have died and ARE STILL dying because of it. They have lied on numerous occasions.

I know I certainly will be skeptical of anything they say.


should not be afraid to meet God. Don't believe the fearmongering of organized religion. God loves you! Of course, the government is another story. But still, you should not be afraid. Fear is what they want you to feel so they can control you. When you know that God loves you, then you are not afraid. So you see, if I were fearmongering, I wouldn't even bring God into this conversation.

"Stand up for what you believe in. Even if you stand alone."
~ Sophie Magdalena Scholl
"Let it not be said that we did nothing."
~ Ron Paul
"You must be the change you want to see in the world."
~ Mahatma Gandhi


have I EVER stated that I was "afraid to meet God", or that I believed the "fearmongering of organized religion"?

“The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple. [the foolish] keep going and suffer for it.” (Proverbs 27:12)

Maybe you should soak that in for a second, or are you just on a mission to shove your philosophy down everyone's throat?

The fact that you never even recognized, or took responsibility for your brand of fearmongering, makes me think you are quite thick headed.

This statement led me to that idea...

"You are the only one I see "fearmongering", with this "are you ready to meet God yet" business.."
I felt that you must be afraid to make that statement. Forgive my error.
So what did it actually mean, if I may be so bold as to ask. Or is that also being thick headed?
I wonder, are you capable of giving a response to my question - or will you just continue your attack? You do realize that personal attacks are against the policy here, don't you? Or are you above the rules, Jefferson?

"Stand up for what you believe in. Even if you stand alone."
~ Sophie Magdalena Scholl
"Let it not be said that we did nothing."
~ Ron Paul
"You must be the change you want to see in the world."
~ Mahatma Gandhi

It meant

exactly what was written.

It meant that you were inferring (either intentionally or unintentionally) that the OP was not living a life that was pleasing to God, and were giving them a subtle threat that could be perceived as eternal damnation. Regardless of how you meant it, it doesn't really matter.

I was baptized and brought up in the Orthodox Christian Church. Do you ever see me constantly shoving my beliefs in anyone's face, like you do?

Liberty and restoration of Constitutional Govt. is our common bond here, not Christianity, Atheism, Anarchism, or whatever the divisive issue of the day is. The DP is not your place to incessantly minister to people, especially in a thread that has NOTHING to do with this subject. (which is also against the guidelines)

Why don't you do yourself a favor, and worry about your own soul, instead of saving everyone elses. It comes off as pretentious.

Secondly, I actually have things to do other than sitting by the computer waiting to respond to your comments. Frankly, it is hard to respond to them when you are constantly editing them.
The fact that you took my comment as a "personal attack" just shows how out of touch with reality you are. On that note, this will be my last response to you.

Feel free to add another pathetic -1 to my comment.

My goodness,

do we like putting words into other peoples mouths? Lol!!
"...this will be my last response to you."
Great! That is the most intelligent thing you've said in this entire conversation, so that is great news! Thx. :)

"Stand up for what you believe in. Even if you stand alone."
~ Sophie Magdalena Scholl
"Let it not be said that we did nothing."
~ Ron Paul
"You must be the change you want to see in the world."
~ Mahatma Gandhi

the primary effects

on the water are due vibrational imprinting. It is time to not "baby" the science anymore, because it is certainly to science much more than "science" itslef in dogmatic senses. Removing the mechanical constituants of radiation from water, will do little to remove the abilities of this water to bind and condense radiation. Water is used to regulate radioactive porcess in itself. Reverse osmosis systems further complicate the matters, and are of little use as allowing water to perform a natural function. Distilled, bottled, or reverse osmosis do nothing to erase the waters memory (water is a fluid crystal that has holographic memory, much like a silicon computer chip, only it has much more storage potential and is fluid, and can be living.....unless its memory is becoming saturated. There are ways to erase this memory. It occurs in nature but none of the methods in which it does are applied in the above mentioned purification methods. There
is only one point in having memory and that is to learn. This indicates a form of consciousness, and one that is not probably as limited as ours, meaning the consciousness follows no conditioning. It works with whatever it encounters and recognizes disentegration is as necessary as an aspect for growth as sythesizing, therefore it does not live with duality conditioning of right and wrong, good and evil, etc.

In order for water and the human body to adapt to new challenges and overcome them, both the water inside the body and water consumed must be as free and clear of vibrational imprinting as possible.

If the radiation is everywhere as being touted, then when one looks for a solution, it better be a hell of a lot better than isolation and seperation.

Water has a living (in which it freely changes its structure in fractal relationship with its surroundings) and dead water, in which structure is bound and pixelated with poor resolution in primal natural ratios and platonic shapes. Living water does not exist as H2O, it exists as groups of H2O, in which these groups can self organize to adapt to the situation. In many ways, it is teaching us of human consciousness in objective behavior, from the perspective of "what works and what doesn't".

Further evidence is the recent popularity of "browns gas, or HHO, which in fact is a form of gaseous water, that is not steam, nor is it H2, though like its liquid counterpart, it does contain some free H2 and O2, plus a whole lot more. THe study of the behavior of the flame (flazer) generated by this gas, allows for direct human observation of the principles I speak of. This process also erases the memory of water, along with other simpler process. The by product of the process is water.

If you are going to be struck by gamma radiation, then short of locking yourself in a lead box, you can forget it.....this is obviously not going to be a problem, and if it is, so what.

Particle consumption is another story, and it this is best dealt with by allowing water to remain in a condensing state. It has the ability to strcuture at far greater than the speed of light and change surface area to do so, as needed.

So if living water replaces the dead water in our bodies, all sorts of things begin to happen, and one of them is that the water is conscious of the vibration of the being residing in the body and amplifies this effect. If the being is of fear, it amplifies this slower vibration and enters a solving, slow breakdown mode. If the being is devoid of fear (love) than a higher frequency is amplified, and in this case the full effects are unknown, but its obvious abilities are astounding, so I have learned to trust it.

If you want real solution to dealing with problems, the first thing one must do is let go of other systems and peoples beliefs, especially on water itself.

I have seen posts here on Emoto's work that did not recieve much attention, and on water itself. I would revisit these, instead of downloading fear. The good thing is since most do not know how to erase water memory, or structure it, the dead water in your body is not going to amplify fear, so you should be ready when you figure it out, and when you figure it out you will be ready. Lay the nuclear holocaust to rest and begin to move to solution, and that is going to probably be by first giving attention to water, and ultimately attention to yourself. INstead of creating "saving methods" and "helping everyone" as the intention implies, we are just pumping fear.

I am not going to comment on the probabilities of the radiation distributing world wide in concentrations from reactor accidents, but they do not correspond to the amount of radioactive potential, go figure it out youself if you question that statement, the math is not that hard. As far as the "bad luck" guy who swallows a chink of iodine.....that happens anyway on a daily basis on the freeway.

I do know however, that water communicates through itself devoid of EMF terms, meaning it responds non-locallly through a Farady cage. It also responds directly to sun cycles. Science was well aware of this field until acedemia became widely controlled in the 1920's. It is therefore possible when vegetation and water are checked for radiation, that the device is just picking up the response vibrations of the water in Japan, and it is amplified through our fear consciousness, indicating that "radiation is everywhere" All those devices would not know the difference between a neutron or the vibrational imprint of a neutron, or gamma rays. Crystal detectors are what they are, and they condense energy and reflect energy we count. Therefore the incoming energy is not measured, the ejected photon is. If photons are being ejected, we would see it as radiation, when in fact, the water could be radiating through the field it communicates with, devoid of transverse EMF, which is radiation.

Many now know you can charge a capacitor with inward light pulses (voltage), and discharge it in electron form. It is assumed that electrons are stored phsically in a capacitor, but is now known they are condensed into pure energy and returned as electrons. So the energy is fundamental, not the particle, this is the same concept. Essentially the photon would be emitted by the scintallation device in attractence to the water, indicating water is condensing the radiation elswhere on the planet to such a large degree, that the water is responding similar all over the planet. It is like a ckt running backwards. This would be some of the cases, to what degree I have no idea, nor do I care, because I structure my water. This is all widely repeatable and well documented in the laboratories all around the world. If you cannot find the info, you are not looking and dont want solutions. You can verify much of it yourself for little cost, but it is up to you to make the relationship.

hold the phone, did you just tell me capacitors do not collect

excess electrons? I beg to differ sir, the older ones were literally sheets of foil. and they never went bad or got weak.

I tend to view them as water hammer arrestors, or pressure storage tanks, much like the bladder systems employed on boiler systems.

This is good view

they are not electrons, by definition, once they are collected. They are, by definition when going in and coming out.

Keep compressing the shock of limitless travel.

Flip the polarity of fluid hammer from noise and outward vibration to the same rythm inward. Same with cavitation.

Allow for vacuum storage tank also, or below ambient, if the term "there is no such thing as no pressure, or "vaccuum" arises.

my BS detector just went off.

water hammer has to do with the velocity and weight of water. and just how, pray tell, might I "flip" that?

cavitation. mebbe you should not have used that word.. can you compare it to viscosity?

and how, pray tell, does a vacuum have any power outside of an atmosphere?

I never described what they were when they were sitting in the "tank" I just said the "tank" collected them. and BTW this would very well describe the difference between a battery and a capacitor.

"Keep compressing the shock of limitless travel."

you are sounding like this chick, I know her well.


That was a riot,

pretty good analog.......again it is our science that does not assign 3 dimensions to energy, linear dimension can always be broken into smaller pieces.

Where does "weight" come from? Visocity is specific to measured flow and the velocity referenced is linear to the travel or longitudinal, what about the velocity of the 90 degree plane to flow? Oil does not drain in PHI as well as water.

If cavitation (fluid hammer self sustaining) can have an outward bias (noise, destruction, entropy) than flipping it would have in inward bias (silence, organization) finding a way to store or collect this would be the key, and then release it in different form.

Just like there is no limit to crystal silicon chips storage ability in a computer (holographic) the crystal never gets full, they get saturated until the data becomes clowdy and can no longer provide clear bits of information. THey are never full of anything as far as particles.

How does the vaccuum have power? It is the latent power. If the vaccuum of space presides in volume over the volume of earth and we poke a hole in the earth's atmoshpere, when it is all over, who would be viewed as more powerful, but the fact of the matter is, it is this and that, so both are required, one presides over the other, and in this case the earth would be covered in vaccuum and space would be hardly affected, so the end static analysis would be the vaccuum was more powerful, because it presided over the pressure, which was holding the vaccuum out.

It is also known the primary constituants of space inside the atom and and in the universe is "space" or vaccuum, when linear dimensioning is used.

Capacitance always presides over inductance in natural systems, there is always more on reserve to drive creation forward if needed. This ratio of reserve is always 1.618 more than the event being observed, and is always 1.11 faster in the "ground" time state, which here is based on C, or 3.0 x 10ee8 m/s. This is the average of "here". This allows for use of the 1.618 as it is needed to maintain itself. It will not go away, it is in the distribution of planets, in your fingers (go ahead and measure them and check the ratios) from joint to joint, and in all other parts of the body, in galaxies motion, etc, etc.

Gravity force can have polarity change....Paul Laviolette shows this in detail, I have verified for myself.....simple modeling can show it.....how the G-center of all atoms and molecules, or any other group is space, when this space inside starts to oscillate in rhythm with the outside space and all other inside spaces in the system, resonance occurs......in asymetrical capacitors, movement is generated, even in a vaccuum (throws out ion wind argument)(also submerged in oil)......the heavier the di-electric in mass value, the more it accelerates. Symetrical capacitors cancel forces out, water does not cancel out this force, so it responds to the g-forces oscillations which it creates through tuning everything placed upon it by or through PHI.

Did you know all water gas generators, when properly built, produce 1.25 to 2 times the Faraday Max in gas quanitity, measured by volume displacement and lifting power methods for corresponding weight? It is "right in" that example, the whole thing, if you really look at it. There are eways to do better than that, also, with less current.

And obvious things like that are why people with no experience continue to cite dogma for science, and they define science as "what they were told" rather than what happens, not that they would ever know, because they dont really do anything. There are literally hundreds of other examples.