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IRS & CPA Bureaucracy Cost Tax Payers $431 Billion Each Year

Hmmm . . . .I wonder why the 16th Amendment will never be repealed

Arthur B. Laffer
April 18, 2011

There is a lot more to taxes than simply paying the bill. Taxpayers must spend significantly more than $1 in order to provide $1 of income-tax revenue to the federal government.

To start with, individuals and businesses must pay the government the $1 in revenue plus the costs of their own time spent filing and complying with the tax code; plus the tax collection costs of the IRS; plus the tax compliance outlays that individuals and businesses pay to help them file their taxes.

In a study published last week by the Laffer Center, my colleagues Wayne Winegarden, John Childs and I estimate that these costs alone are a staggering $431 billion annually. This is a cost markup of 30 cents on every dollar paid in taxes. And this is not even a complete accounting of the costs of tax complexity.


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Think about all the

Think about all the energy/gasoline that is wasted on driving back and forth to and from your accountant to sort out all the tax confusion.

Only the acceptance of the truth can defeat systemic evil.