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Ron Paul on Hardball 4/19

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What would have been wrong in saying...

While the "birther" issue is not one of my issues, President Obama, by failing to settle this issue, has exercised extremely poor judgment, which addresses the question of his character, as well as the character of those who dismiss the issue and ridicule those who consider it pertinent.

That would shut up the commentators permanently, on the "birther" issue, at least.

Dr. Paul looks tired

I know he busy and have a rough schedule but i hope he getting some rest. Dr. Paul have been on these news networks almost 2 to 3 times a week. Everyone needs there rest don't forget he not young like most of us.

The central bank is an institution of the most deadly hostility existing against the Principles and form of our Constitution. I am an Enemy to all banks discounting bills or notes for anything but Coin. If the American People allow private banks to contro

Ron Paul is not a birther, but an issues oriented statesman, who

can defeat any candidate on the issues. He is not into mindless prattle or demogoguerey.

Ron Paul is nothing like any congressman or Senator I have ever know.

Enjoy his presence because men like him are harder find than a chicken with teeth.

Birther issue is stupid...

since the beginning of the Ron Paul 2008 campaign there have been some supporters who look for the loop hole, the quick fix, the gotcha moment... but the majority of us knew, whether it was getting Dr. Paul on the ballot or getting him on tv or getting him into the debates, money bombs, sign waving, becoming a Republican Party Precinct Captain, most of us knew it was going to be a hard, long fight. But now the Republican chowder heads have jumped on the Palin/Bachman/now Trump TeaPartyExpress. These are the same people that prevented Ron Paul's representatives from speaking at congressional and state party conventions. They don't care about the issues... they just want to be on the winning team.

The Doctor didn't take the bait because he isn't a birther. And, he's been the target of rumor mongering and half truths for decades and knows that this isn't a real issue it's only meant to delegitimize a political enemy. Ron Paul has been marginalized, demonized, victimized by unfounded accusations and mischaracterizations, does anybody remember Rudy asking Ron to apologize for saying there is a thing called "blowback". So, it was good a moment for Dr. Paul on the Chris Mathews show. Because to mainstream America, the birther issue is bullsh@T, that's right with a capital T.

Nice job Dr. Paul...

Great post...

you're "talking sense" as we say up here in New Hampshire.


The Constitutional Eligibility Requirement is Not Stupid

It was not made a part of our Constitution for no reason. Within a very short list of 3 requirements to serve as President and Commander in Chief, our founders thought it very important to specifically prevent our President from owing allegiance to any other nation.

If the President and Commander in Chief were to feel even slight allegiance to another nation, say that of one of his parents, then he may not act in the best interests of the United States in decisions where such foreign nations were involved.

Case in point, Barack Obama's father was a British, and Kenyan citizen. As such, in any in matters involving Britain or Kenya, Barack Obama's father could have an undue influence on his decision making in both war and foreign relations.

So the natural born citizen eligibility requirement is to protect against our President serving the interests of any other nation, even the slightest.

Low and behold, we have Barack Obama serving the interests of the British in invading and bombing Libya!

His father's citizenship may only be a small influence, but the point is that the citizenship of a person's parents can have an influence on their children.

It may not be the most important issue, but it is certainly not stupid. Ron Paul is simply being smart in focusing on the most important issues, such as sound money and foreign policy. Though the eligibility requirement can certainly affect foreign policy if violated, it's not the main cause.


it's stupid in this case because it is a waste of time... I love how you are now extending your argument to say that Obama can't be trusted because his father wasn't born in United States. George Bush's parents were born here. How much influence did Sr's failure to get Hussein in the first gulf war have on Jr's blood lust decision to launch the 2nd gulf war. How much did Sr's well documented business interests with Saudi Arabia influence these decisions.

It sounds like you want to expand the concept of electability to be contingent on not only where a candidate was born, but, to where their parents were born, maybe, you want to look at their grand parents or their great-great grand parents. I wonder how the demographics shift if you were to tie electability to how long your family has been in the U.S. I'd guess it's pretty pale.

I want the Constitution upheld. That's all.

The requirement is that the President be a natural born citizen. That means he must be born within the country to citizen parents. It doesn't mean his parents had to be born in the United States.

You don't have to be born in the United States to become a citizen.

Clearly you think the eligibility requirements are stupid, because you are ignorant of the purpose and law. Try reading my first reply to you again, and the links, and maybe you'll get it.

Clearly you don't know the meaning of

"natural born". A dual citizen at birth can not be natural born. And clearly Obama is was a dual citizen at birth.

Paraphrase answer to Matthews questioning how Paul ...

expects to win an election with a message that downgrades our super power status.

Who said I want to downgrade our super power status. We can be the one and only super power of ideas.

Anybody can pick up a gun and kill someone.

It takes a superpower to lead by example.

Great societies are always built on ideas and they always crumble when the collective ego takes the easy way out ... force.

The market place of ideas? Why do we have to waste our time. We can simply impose our ideals by force. We don't need a market for that.

Our oldest just became old enough to watch Avatar, she is now 8, and we watched it over the weekend. And then I watched this clip and it was perfect.

That marine was so confident that his purpose was pure, just, and right, that he simply refused to enter the market place of ideas ... he chose force. It was much faster, easier, and why go thru the trouble of thought when we all know who is good and who is evil and we all know what needs to be done for good to prevail.

Scully was the same way, then he entered the market place of ideas and swallowed the red pill.

Matthews is my number 1 pick

Matthews is my number 1 pick for most disingenuous tv personality. He is a Machiavellian blatherskite.

"The United States can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that." — Alan Greenspan

More confident

Ron Paul comes across as more confident than ever. Not in terms of the veracity of what he was saying - he was always confident about that - but in terms of the political acceptability of what he is saying.

When is the first debate? Can't wait! Also looking forward to seeing how the Paul-Johnson dynamic plays out.

"Know what you know, know what you don't know, and understand and appreciate the distinction."


Tough questions

and some great answers. I cant believe Chris let Ron actually answer all the questions.

Day of Reckoning coming soon (can't wait!)...

Here's how it will go down:

Rand Paul (with help from Mike Lee) will FILIBUSTER the Debt Ceiling Bill to DEATH!! This will cause the Federal Government to DEFAULT on its debt!! This will cause the financial markets to CRASH!! This will cause the world to plunge into a GREAT DEPRESSION (needed)!! And from the ashes...a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC will arise (can't wait!)!!

Our military, law enforcement, and ELECTED OFFICIALS need to HONOR THEIR OATH TO THE U.S. CONSTITUTION!!!


IMHO, you have far too much

IMHO, you have far too much faith in your fellow man. For example, let us suppose that the first 4 events you 'prophesy' do indeed occur.... Now then, how does a constitutional republic arise from the ashes? I think it far more likely in such circumstances for those who preach the virtues of such a Republic to get all the blame heaped on them for the collapse.
Your average citizen will not stop his rioting for a moment to think, "You know, this current crisis is a necessary correction for past foolishness, thank God for Rand Paul!" It's far more likely to see citizens clamoring for the blood of those who the media will claim brought the calamity upon us.

Wow, Ron got the Chris

Wow, Ron got the Chris Matthews "Not A 'Birther' Stamp of Approval". What an honor.

"The casualty of partisanship is objectivity."

Good Job RP

Chris Matthews is so annoying, especially the Birther thing at the end. RP handled it great, of course there is no proof right now so he did great to avoid the political trap... things could change in the future of course...

Modern Day founding father...

Word has it they took Matttews off steroids and put him on

Prozac or was it they removed his gonads and gave him a sex change..

Who was that interviewer?

It sure looked like Matthews but it couldn't have been because he always cuts RP off.

If men are good, you don't need government; if men are evil or ambivalent, you don't dare have one.

Well.... I am STUNNED!

I don't get television so the only time I see Chris Matthews is on Youtubes, but I have NEVER seen him give ANYONE time to talk and explain their positions as he did in this interview with Ron Paul. VERY interesting. I think RP's position on the wars and the military spending is REALLY starting to catch on, (if only because it makes people like Chris Matthews remember that they SHOULD have been on this side of the issue all along).

This one just leaves me saying....hmmmmmmmmm (with a smile on my face)

Thomas Jefferson: “Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever."

Viva La Revolucion!

One Pundit at a Time

Yes, Chris Matthews could have mentioned his book, or otherwise been a little nicer. But overall, I'm fairly pleased at how things are shaping up.

I can't help but remember how Ron Paul was treated by the media people when he was running for president in 07-08. Look how Neil Cavuto treated him when he had him on then, especially in the earlier months' and look at the great regard he has for him now.

If any have him on for their ratings, fine, let many shows have him on for ratings, and he will get more exposure.

But they can't help but see that many of the things Ron was saying then, he has been right on.

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Do we have the doctor's birth certificate ready?

How good was the file system at Pittsburg hospitals in 1935? Was he even born in a hospital? Let's hope that is a sturdy piece of paper.

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Following the constitution

What gets me about the birth certificate issue, besides being wildly trivial compared to the war and money issues, is that the birthers hold up this tiny requirement in the constitution as if we have any shortage of constitutional violations from the President and crew anyways.

I say do away with the requirement altogether. A person's choice to call this place home is a better indicator of advocacy than someone who had the luck to be born here. Esp. given that we are a nation of immigrants.

Currently consuming: Morehouse's "Better off free", FDR; Wii U; NEP Football


I agree that it's trivial compared to millions of dead Iraqi's, and surely the relatives of those deceased (incl our own soldiers) would agree it's trivial.

But wait a sec. This "tiny" requirement is law.

Obviously he was born in Kenya. And obviously he's a con artist, a liar with overwhelming evidence that convicts him. Yes, the true place of birth is just one tiny bit of evidence that paints him in his true colors, but it IS important.

By this one lie, he shows a complete and utter disregard for the Supreme Law of the Land, and commits a blasphemous act, as he lies to even unto God, by violating the oath to defend the Constitution.

But I do agree, his warmongering atrocities are a much greater sin then his birth certificate cover up.

"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a rEVOLution before tomorrow morning." - Henry Ford

not obvious

I don't think it's "obvious" he was born in Kenya. His parents got married in Hawaii six months before he was born. Plus the birth announcements.

He is no more a liar than any other President. There is nothing special about him, one way or the other, unfortunately.

It's obvious Obama is hiding his Birth Certificate.

He's already spent $2 million fighting the release of it to American citizens in court.

Yet, being a natural born citizen is a requirement for eligibility to serve as President. He should provide it willingly when asked by even one of the people he works for.

Run Ron Run


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Q: Is there a bigger IDIOT in the media than Chris Matthews???

A: NO!

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

yes this

Ron Paul on Chris Mathews Show, Slime-Ball

I wonder what a slime-ball "stamp of approval" looks like?
If the Slime-Ball Stamp of Approval looks anything like Slime-Ball's TV Ratings, it is extraordinarily small; almost so tiny one can't see or even hear it.

So, Chris, how many viewers do you get in an evening, during the oh-so prime A time slot? Is it about 200k viewers, according to 2011 ratings polls, on a good night? Wouldn't that make Slime-Ball the least watched cable news program on TV, for that time slot?

Chris, is it the TEA Party thats out of touch with America? It looks more like you and your show, Slime-Ball, are the ones out of touch. Or, maybe you have just completely discredited yourself, with your flip-flopping, White-House parroting, Obama worship?

It seems there was once some other show on CNBC where an anchor similarly discredited himself. What was his name.............. again? I forget.