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☠ Fluoride is deadly poison toxic waste. ☠

☠ Fluoride ☠ is toxic waste from industry.

UPDATE March, 2012: New Scientific Data Forces Government to Reverse Its Stance on Fluoride in the Water Supply March 6, 2012

☠ Fluoride ☠ is not FDA approved.

☠ Fluoride ☠ must be dumped as hazardous toxic waste or sold into our municipal drinking water or products. Absurd beyond belief!
See the ghastly affects of fluoride for yourself.

FDA approval is a deadly roulette wheel choice. Approved or not, ☠ fluoride is deadly poison. ☠ Let us look at the list of 8 items that the FDA restricts from use in cosmetics. Too toxic for use in cosmetics, but allowed in drinking water & toothpaste???

☠ Warning! ☠ Not printed on the tube; only on the box.

“If more than used for brushing is accidentally swallowed, get medical help or contact a Poision Control Center immediately.”

FDA.gov Home > Cosmetics > Product and Ingredient Safety >

Ingredients Prohibited & Restricted by FDA Regulations, June 22, 1996; Updated May 30, 2000. With the important exception of color additives that are not coal-tar hair dyes, cosmetic ingredients are not subject to FDA premarket approval authority. However, regulations prohibit the use of some substances and restrict the use of others because of safety concerns or environmental factors. Violating the restrictions on the use of these substances may cause FDA to pursue regulatory action.

What ingredients are prohibited by regulation?

  1. ☠ Bithionol. ☠ The use of bithionol is prohibited because it may cause photo-contact sensitization (21 CFR 700.11).
  2. ☠ Chlorofluorocarbon propellants. ☠ The use of chlorofluorocarbon propellants (fully halogenated chlorofluoroalkanes) in cosmetic aerosol products intended for domestic consumption is prohibited (21 CFR 700.23).
  3. ☠ Chloroform. ☠ The use of chloroform in cosmetic products is prohibited because of its animal carcinogenicity and likely hazard to human health. The regulation makes an exception for residual amounts from its use as a processing solvent during manufacture, or as a byproduct from the synthesis of an ingredient (21 CFR 700.18).
  4. ☠ Halogenated salicylanilides ☠ (di-, tri-, metabromsalan and tetrachlorosalicylanilide). These are prohibited in cosmetic products because they may cause photocontact sensitization (21 CFR 700.15).
  5. ☠ Methylene chloride. ☠ The use of this substance in cosmetic products is prohibited because of its animal carcinogenicity and likely hazard to human health (21 CFR 700.19).
  6. ☠ Vinyl chloride. ☠ The use of vinyl chloride is prohibited as an ingredient of aerosol products, because of its carcinogenicity [21 CFR 700.14].
  7. ☠ Zirconium-containing complexes. ☠ The use of zirconium-containing complexes in aerosol cosmetic products is prohibited because of their toxic effect on lungs, including the formation of granulomas [21 CFR 700.16].
  8. ☠ Prohibited cattle materials. ☠ To protect against bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), also known as "mad cow disease," cosmetics may not be manufactured from, processed with, or otherwise contain, prohibited cattle materials. These materials include specified risk materials*, material from nonambulatory cattle, material from cattle not inspected and passed, or mechanically separated beef. Prohibited cattle materials do not include tallow that contains no more than 0.15 percent insoluble impurities, tallow derivatives, and hides and hide-derived products, and milk and milk products.** [21 CFR 700.27, as amended].

☠ These chemicals are so toxic, they are prohibited from cosmetics. ☠

Yet, ☠ Fluoride ☠ sells in million dollar deals to city & county water districts. Sells to dentists & toothpaste makers.

☠ Just how much toxic waste is required for health? ☠

☠ Why is Fluoride, a toxic poison whimsically called water treatment ☠

Daily Paul Forums on ☠ Fluoride ☠ Toxic Poison.

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Berky sells a water filter that you can get a filter that removes fluoride as well as radiation. They sell for a reasonable price


what kind of toothpaste doesn't have fluoride?

Illuminate with Fluoride. 1 min commercial w/ long warning label

☠ Fluoride. Toxic Poison. Right between Lead & Arsenic. ☠


Fluoride toothpaste... Extended warning label.

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Thankfully I'm on a well @

Thankfully I'm on a well @ home.. I can't stand drinking "city water" now.. its disgusting smelling and tastes artificial.

last year the water at my work place was "undrinkable" for days due to "over fluoridation"

I personally think any fluoridation is "over"... just like any Mercury is "unacceptable".

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important posts deserve bumps.

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Thanks for the info! I had already stopped using toothpaste with fluoride. What do people do to purify their water of fluoride?

reverse osmosis removes

reverse osmosis removes fluoride out of water..you can get a 3 gallon set up for less than $300 I got mine from www.kleenwater.com

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I picked up a 5 stage from Craigslist for $50.

Took me about a month to find but eventually it paid off. I prefer it over bottled water.

Read this for some info on RO

Read this for some info on RO and other "water purity" tech...


“One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.” Plato