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Ron Paul Wins Worcester, MA Tea Party Straw Poll

(Worcester, MA) A Presidential straw poll taken at the Worcester's Patriots Day Tea Party and Pig Roast held some interesting results. Texas Congressman Ron Paul easily took first place with 22.9% of the votes. A total of 160 votes were cast at Monday's Tea Party in Lincoln Square. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie took second place with 12.5% of the votes, followed by businessman Donald Trump, who narrowly bested Mitt Romney in his home territory.

Congressman Paul has been a strong advocate of restraining the size and scope of government for many years, the core issue of the young, but influential, Tea Party movement. Governor Christie has earned respect by his strait talking style and his willingness to confront public employee unions when necessary.

President Barack Obama did not receive any votes, though Secretary of State Hillary Clinton received two votes.

Party affiliation held some interesting statistics, as 60% of the Tea Party members casting ballots identified themselves as something other than Republican. The Tea Party is often associated by its detractors as being part of the Republican Party. 47% of the Tea Partiers identified themselves as Independent.

Tea Party members were also asked to give their opinion on a proposal to require that voters show identification when voting. 100% of those who voted on this question said that they support show i.d. to vote legislation.

Monday's Tea Party and Pig Roast was the third annual event sponsored by the Worcester Tea Party and a coalition of twelve other Tea Parties in Worcester County.

Complete straw poll results:

Candidate #of Votes Percentage
TX Congressman Ron Paul 35 21.88
NJ Governor Chris Christie 20 12.50%
Businessman Donald Trump 18 11.25%
Former MA Governor Mitt Romney 15 9.38%
Former AK Governor Sarah Palin 12 7.50%
MN Representative Michele Bachman 11 6.88%
Former MN Governor Tim Pawlenty 11 6.88%
Former Speaker Newt Gingrich 6 3.75%
Former AR Governor Mike Huckabee 5 3.13%
Allan West 4 2.50%
Former Godfather Pizza CEO Herman Cain 4 2.50%
Former PA Senator Rick Santorum 4 2.50%
SD Senator John Thune 3 1.88%
MS Governor Haley Barbour 2 1.25%
John Bolton 2 1.25%
Paul Ryan 2 1.25%
Secretary of State Hilary Clinton 2 1.25%
IN Governor Mitch Daniels 1 0.63%
Jim DeMint 1 0.63%
Former UT Governor Jon Huntsman 1 0.63%
Former NM Governor Gary Johnson 1 0.63%
President Barack Obama 0 0.00%
Total 160 100.00%

Do you support Show ID to vote? 157 Yes, 0 No, 3 Abstains

Party Affiliation:

Independent, 75, (46.88%)

Republican, 64 (40.00%)

Libertarian, 6 (3.75%)

Democrat, 2 (1.25%)

Other/Did not answer, 13 (8.13%)

Total 160

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Sorry to say...

But this is very disappointing to me and it just proves how clever the establishment is at being "spoilers" and "dividers".

If this was a true Tea party event (I don't know) then Ron Paul should have had 60-80% of the vote.

The establishment has succeeded in confusing most of the public as usual not least by portraying Sarah Palin as the Tea party darling (what a joke!). But unfortunately it works every time.

They hijack a movement and confuse people by promoting candidates that seem to be saying the same thing but with some distortions. After the usual MSM crap most people get confused and give up or even worse think they are supporting the right idea, but don't realize they are supporting a phony candidate.

It's going to be a long fight...

For once I wouldn't mind if

For once I wouldn't mind if MSM shafted Ron Paul and put out a headline saying Mitt Romney comes in 4th place in his home state...sigh, that'll never happen.

I feel bad for Gary Johnson. I hope he polls high enough to participate in the debates. Having him in the election will be a two prong attack against the establishment. He and Jesse Ventura will be instrumental in bringing in liberals.

Whoo Hoooo! Romney wins!

Romney got fifteen votes! He wins! He's the only serious contender! Straw polls don't matter! Look at this straw poll...Romney did great! Proves he will be the Republican nominee! Unless, of course, Huckabee enters the race, then there will be TWO national contenders! Romney and Huckabee! Huckabee and Romney! WHOOO HOOO!

(Don't flame me, DP'rs, I just wanted to give you the MSM version of this story.)


Ron Paul keeps racking em up.

So maybe they are INDEPENDENT?

60% of the Tea Party members casting ballots identified themselves as something other than Republican.