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Awesome picture of my friend Bob Dwyer

Who organized the last couple Official Boston Tea Parties, in Boston.

This picture from Bob's profile on Facebook.

Bob, Patriot, you're the best! Great picture. I love that smile!

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I thought that at first.

But I think it is a surge protector.

Is that... a Wii remote? :D

Is that... a Wii remote? :D

Lexington Green is the appropriate background

I look forward to seeing him more often when he moves to NH! How many more arm twists will it take? NH for Ron Paul!

Of course, Lexington Green is in Lexington, MA. An appropriate site to take a pic of a patriot!

When you

want to know what is going on in this state you call Bob, you the man

Happiness is a ...

surge protector?

That's a Real Tea party smile!

I believe the point with the

I believe the point with the surge protector is the fact that he has it and "they" don't. They're no longer going to be protected from OUR SURGE!!! ;-) Ron Paul Revolution 2012!!!