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Update: Daily Paul #4 on Top 50 Libertarian Sites; RP Forums #6, C4L #11, RP #13

Libertarian Top 50 Sites: June-July 2011
Posted on July 14, 2011

DBKP Reports has released its ratings of the top 50 most popular Libertarian websites on the Internet. Ratings are based on the sites’ 3-month average of Alexa worldwide traffic as ranked on July 13-14, 2011.

The Libertarian list has expanded from the Top 40 to the Top 50 sites this rating.

The Libertarian 50′s top five most popular sites is led by Lew Rockwell, followed by Reason and Ludwig Von Mises Institute. The top five is rounded out by The Daily Paul and the Big Picture.


Here are the first 20:

DBKP Libertarian 50
Ratings #2 – June-July 2011
Ratings gathered on July 13-14, 2011
July 14, 2011

Rank Prev Website Alexa Rank
1 1 Lew Rockwell 5679
2 2 Reason 9573
3 3 Ludwig von Mises Institute 10470
4 4 Daily Paul 11,016
5 5 The Big Picture 14309
6 7 Ron Paul Forums 19680
7 6 Electronic Frontier Foundation 20525
8 — Personal Liberty Digest 28676
9 8 Marginal Revolution 34241
10 14 The Agitator 38245

11 9 Campaign for Liberty 46252
12 — Gary North 49403
13 — Ron Paul 53144
14 10 Cato Institute 53827
15 — The Daily Bell 54364
16 11 Library of Economics and Liberty 66924
17 — Economic Policy Journal 76516
18 18 Young Americans for Liberty 85272
19 13 Freedom’s Phoenix 86063
20 — Free Talk Live 89316


Comparable March, 2011 ratings:

DBKP Libertarian 40
March 1, 2011
1st Ratings- 2011

Rank Alexa Rank Website
1 Lew Rockwell 6823
2 Reason 10519
3 Ludwig von Mises Institute 12616
4 Daily Paul 14124
5 The Big Picture 16771
6 Electronic Frontier Foundation 18606
7 Ron Paul Forums 26531

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SteveMT's picture

As of July, 2011, DP holds at #4 rated libertarian website

Ron Paul dominates top 15 websites.

Rockwell could use a MAJOR graphics upgrade.

The site may have some atavistic appeal to some but my word! In this day and age they need to upgrade: sans-serif typeface, no wall-to-wall text, more color (although not in the font) and images, photos especially.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

They were talking about that

They were talking about that one time, apparently there's a lot of old libertarian folk who go there and like the simplicity.

Know your stuff, learn real history and economics @LibertyClassroom.com


1,3,4,and 7 are my go tos. In that order too.

Edit* Ha just realized how old this is when i saw I commented like 3 below me.

Know your stuff, learn real history and economics @LibertyClassroom.com

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TenBobNote, Thanks for heads up about the lack of update.

I updated with the latest ratings.

My list

I regularly check these sites. Actually I probably spend too much time browsing them all every night.

europac.net (peter schiff's company, good news section on the side and media section)
schiffradio.com (save schiff's .mp3 and listen to it at work)
lewrockwell.com (also listening to Lews old podcasts at work since I missed them back then)
thedailybell.com (sometimes)


all ahead of CATO lol


My order

1. Mises.org (Too foundational not to be on top)
2. Dailypaul.com (For interpersonal communication)
3. Lewrockwell.com (For daily reading)

Honorable mentions: RonPaulForums.com (for strategy and planning), Reason.org ( My magazine reading fill), and economicpolicyjournal.com (For being the best Austrian blog)

Know your stuff, learn real history and economics @LibertyClassroom.com

I don't see myself as a

Libertarian but as an Independent who happens to love the Daily Paul for its diverse information and discussion.

Prepare & Share the Message of Freedom through Positive-Peaceful-Activism.

I see you as a quilt maker.

Best to you.

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

DailyPaul is still number 1 in my book.

But number 4 is quite amazing considering the short time DP has been around.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul


Now there's about 16 more blogs I never knew about to check out

LewRockwell.com should be in bold as well

It's the first thing RP reads every day.

Thanks Steve

mark my words -- some day Daily Paul will as big as Drudge Report.

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
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Yes sir.

Your words are Marked.

I am returning my mail as fast as my mule can walk to the dock.

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

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To be mean is never excusable, but there is some merit in knowing that one is; the most irreparable of vices is to do evil out of stupidity. - C.B.
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I thought that you would like this news, Michael.

Soon #1!!!!