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The Railroading of Walter Reddy: Patriot's Legally Owned Guns Seized

Hope you get to read this link:


"Walter Reddy is the patriotic organizer of the Committees of Safety, arguably a founding father of the modern Tea Party movement, and his right to keep and bear arms has been taken from him. It doesn't matter that he has committed no crimes, and has not been charged with a crime. A Connecticut judge told him at a hearing that Reddy had no right to an attorney and that "I'm ready to rule" to take his guns away before the patriotic organizer had the chance to say one word in his defense."....

Read more...he was really screwed over.


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The reason Walter has his property confiscated...

...could very well be explained here...


Did he pay for his guns with FRN's?

It's may not be the snitch who made(and wouldn't sign the complaint), it may not be the dreaded and hated Patriot Act...it may simply be that they have taken away "our ability to pay" for anything we think we "own", therefore they can take anything of ours they want, at any time; because the Fed employs/pays the vermin that collect it for them!

John Peter Zenger...

...all over again...HISTORY is repeating itself, gang!!!

The patterns are the SAME...

I have an original two volume set by Connecticut Congressman Timothy Pitkin from 1828 called : "A political and civil history of the United States from 1763 until the close of the administration of President Washington, in March 1979" - I can't read but 10 pages and I go down rabbit trails trying desperately to capture the spirit of this nation's secession from Parent Government!

I came across John Peter Zenger somehow in my studies; and that is the ARROGANCE of it all...against us free-thinkers...us auto-didacts in our own right LEARNING our natural rights and demanding them(if not our original Constitutionally granted ones)...

Below is a link to Volume Two ... I have both ... and I picked them up on Ebay for like $90.00.

Study history from some primary sources; it will validate your GUT...and...it legitimizes what Dr. Paul is trying to do for our nation's posterity, allbeit it "too little too late" in this rigged game!

I tremble, at the thought of bloodshed and civil war; but until the dumbed-down electorate understands what is required of them with respect to their civic duty(to their NEIGHBOR) for God's sake...oh, may God spare me and my family, and afford us the opportunity to LEAD America back to greatness, and prosperity through a return to her moral foundations...the Rule of Law!

Without a doubt stories like this piss me off! But we know we have to direct that fire in our belly towards that which He has gifted us, and predestined us to accomplish...and not slay every dragon; but only the one that threatens us the most personally, because He has already equipped us as individuals with the capacity and individual intelligence and strength to understand it, find it's weakness, and overcome it!...and when we focus our individual efforts and attention to that one battle that demands the most of us, or oppresses what we are trying to accomplish most; our efforts will, as a body, contribute more than we think it could to the cause of Liberty!

Stay strong my friends! Fight on...just do not lose sight of the PRIZE that our sacrifice will bring! We are here to serve others, the sheeple who do not know, and refuse to listen; we are their equals - and we do this selflessly, for them, as well as for our own!


Gary Franchi interviews Walter Reddy


http://RTR.org | http://RealityReport.TV | Walter Reddy, the founder of the modern Committees of Saftey at , http://committeesofsafety.org/ joins Gary Franchi for a special report to recount the recent SWAT Team raid on his home.

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I think his family goes way back in Conn., so I doubt he will

move but you never know. I hope his lawyer wins on appeal because this is terrible!!! He knows some state reps there I hope they will step in and demand justice.


People need to move out of

People need to move out of Connecticut. The state is really screwed up. I have been watching the election drama in CT and there is no justice and hope. There are a few states like CT.

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The only right still left to us at this time

may be voting with our feet.