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Neocons exposed! Liberty Defined by Ron Paul (clip w/ Tom Woods on Peter Schiff Show)

Ron Paul hits Leo Strauss and his followers with a truck filled with their own manure. Makes my underemployed ass want to buy this book


GET * * L I B E R T Y   D E F I N E D * *

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Happy Easter To All Liberty Loving Americans

I love Ron Paul because he is the good example we are all looking for in politics.

Ron Paul is a real Christian without having to boast about it.

If we are to survive as a Republic we must all become like him.

We must find that quality in ourselves that resides in him.

With Love, for Prosperity and Peace..


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Love Peter's show, and Tom, please get your own show as well!!!

You are too good to NOT be on the air every day!


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War is the quintessential Holy Grail of the Neocons.

They love killing other peoples kids.
The Almighty has a long and excellent memory.

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the neocon theology: THIS is the bull's-eye of

the enemy of liberty. . . We, the plebeians, are in fight to rediscover ourselves as worthy, capable & infinitely lovable individuals. Not to be manipulated or trampled by any self-annointed delusional neocon elites.

Let's be resourceful and quick in spreading this liberty call by handing out THOUSANDS & millions of Liberty Defined to our loved ones and . . . even strangers.


He forgot to mention how the neocons promote failure.

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016

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Thanks Emazur!

When i made the video with the interview the other day, i was debating with myself if i should add this last part of the show in with the interview because it was so well said.. Didnt end up adding it at the end, but boy am i glad you put it out.. Ill link to this in that forum post..

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one must expect the diseases it spreads."
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That is an in your face, down and dirty quote! Talk about pulling no punches! I got to get this book.

Is this in bookstores? I'd

Is this in bookstores? I'd order it online but I don't get home much.

There are none available at

There are none available at the two close to me. I've ordered on line.

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I found ONE copy in my local bookstore

(in Berkeley) yesterday, snapped it right up.

"Nobody else is going to talk to you like that."

- Tom Woods, regarding the truth from Ron Paul.