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Ron Paul 2012: The un-King

Ron Paul always talks about the value of education. It seems at times he doesn't really want to run for President necessarily to win, but to gain a greater forum for his message of liberty.

This is because Ron Paul doesn't want to be King. He wants to reduce government to restore the people's freedom. He can win a major educational battle in the next election just by emphasizing all the things he doesn't want to do as President--all the areas he would like to return to the people.

Every other candidate runs by promising what he/she will do for as many people as possible. Ron Paul wants people to take back control of their lives and be responsible for their own welfare.

He wants the executive (President) to go back to executing Constitutional laws enacted by the Congress. He wants no more President-Kings who think they are legislator, war-maker, judge, and executive.

If people begin to glimpse that the Nanny State is broke and unable to provide for them, perhaps Ron Paul will win a major educational battle just by putting the office of President back in perspective. The President is one of three branches of government designated to serve the people under their Constitutionally-imposed limitations. A President-King is a threat to liberty. Nearly all other candidates are running for King.

A humble servant of the people's welfare like Dr. Paul will be a breath of fresh air if people begin to see that all the would-be kings have no clothes.

I hope he runs hard to win because other candidates will continue to pursue their own power. But he's right. Perhaps who is President is not nearly as important as what people perceive as the President's (and the government's) role in their lives.

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Humans Seldom Agree On Everything !

Through out history human Kings fought against each other at the expense of the soldiers and the people, and the people were made to distrust Kings that made them feel inferior to their rule.

That's why the American Founders wrote a set of political laws that limited the power of the elected officials, and was open to re-adjustments.

Ron Paul has taught us that it is up to every American to honor the words of the Constitution as it is the written KING in our country, not the elected humans that abuse the power granted to them, by the people.


I agree with your comments

I agree with your comments wholeheartedly. If Ron runs and come in second then he and all the people of this country win. He is a true patriot. He is laying the ground work for a Constitution Republic candidate/President in 2016 -- hopefully Rand Paul.


Ron would agree with you.

Thanks for posting.

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Important insight well expressed;

thank you

Dr Paul said

" I don't want to run you lives, I don't know how to run your lives, the constitution does not give me authority to run your lives.
He is the only politician who believes in us.
That is why I support him with so much energy

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Yes, IMO this is the point

As I read about this stuff, the Austrian scholars say that a government is allowed by it's subjects, regardless if it a lean constitutional republic or the worst dictatorship. It's the mind of the people who allow it. Ghandi's revolution might be the most pristine case of this (storytelling wise)

If dr. Paul wins and the people haven't changed their minds about what government should do, then we still have lost.

(albeit in a much better place to educate and do damage control)

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great post


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Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

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Refreshing contrast

to "the royal wedding" and to emperor O in the states

“The God who gave us life, gave us liberty at the same time: the hand of force may destroy, but cannot disjoin them.”

– Thomas Jefferson

Well stated! One of my

Well stated! One of my favorite authors is G. K. Chesterton. In what is perhaps his greatest book, Orthodoxy, he says something that when I read it, Ron Paul instantly comes to mind. Here is that quote:

Much vague and sentimental journalism has been poured out
to the effect that Christianity is akin to democracy, and most of it is scarcely strong or clear enough to refute the fact that the two things have often quarrelled. The real ground upon which Christianity and democracy are one is very much deeper. The one specially and peculiarly un-Christian idea is the idea of Carlyle--the idea that the man should rule who feels that he can rule. Whatever else is Christian, this is heathen. If our faith comments on government at all, its comment must be this--that the man should rule who does NOT think that he can rule. Carlyle's hero may say, "I will be king"; but the Christian saint must say "Nolo episcopari." If the great paradox of Christianity means anything, it means this--that we must take the crown in our hands, and go hunting in dry places and dark corners of the earth until we find the one man
who feels himself unfit to wear it. Carlyle was quite wrong;
we have not got to crown the exceptional man who knows he can rule. Rather we must crown the much more exceptional man who knows he can't.