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Ron Paul Week - The View, Hannity, Colbert, Fox & Friends, Exploratory Committee!

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If he announced tomorrow

It would either be on Colbert for the young people or Hannity for the Republican base. I kinda hope he announces on Hannity just to see this movement come full circle. One day Hannity is griping and moaning about Paul's stance, getting snow balls thrown at him, the next he's honored and humbled by Dr. Paul announcing on his show his intention to be the Republican nominee.

Remember when Hannity had nothing but bad things to say about Dr. Paul and his supporters?

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has to cool some of the neo-con opposition

Fortune Favors the Bold

Hoping tomorrow is the day

of the big announcement .... while in NYC with all the big media attention etc.....
keeping fingers crossed

RP 2012


I was wondering when all the shows were going to be! I had the honor of meeting Doctor Paul in Mississippi last week.


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Thanks Rob


He's the man.