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Ron, Rand and Daily Paul in Politico!!!

Another writeup that mostly makes sense. Read the comments also.


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It's still at 33%

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

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Yep, just voted and still stuck at 33%

Really stuck!

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Poltico mistake: 11 term congressman, NOT 8 term congressman!

Politico quote: "The eight-term congressman and obstetrician resists the Kennedy comparison, saying that he only wants to push ideas - not build a political machine."

Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0411/53640.html#ixzz1KY...

The first biography of 11-term congressman and Internet phenomenon Dr. Ron Paul, this comprehensive volume includes never before published private interviews with Ron Paul, his wife, Carol, plus close friends and associates.


He added there "was s certain preposterousness" that Trump, who has never held public office, could criticize an 11-term congressman for not an winning election.


There is also a Poll on the Politico main page...

There is also a poll on the main page asking whether or not you believe the Paul's will ever be major players...

Just Voted

Yes now receiving 33%. Come on folks, we can do this.

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That poll is hammering the Pauls!

On the rise?
Are the Pauls becoming the next political dynasty?

Yes - Their ideas resonate with many Americans and their impact is only growing.

No - Their following may be passionate but it will never be big enough to make them major players.

I'm not sure.

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I could not get past the

I could not get past the first page. Too much innuendo and slanted view to warrant my continuing punishment. They sure seem scared.

Politico is completely

Politico is completely Establishment. They're definitely concerned.

made my day

Thanks for posting.

Great to see DP mentioned.

"Then there are the oft-updated grassroots websites devoted to the cause such as the Daily Paul and PaulForums, which now boost both Rep. Paul and Sen. Paul.
Each is already promoting a MoneyBomb – a day-long online fundraising push that Paul used with great success four years ago"

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Did Ron Paul sanction a

Did Ron Paul sanction a single one of those money bombs? I thought those were all grassroots.

I hate to keep using the word

I hate to keep using the word stupid... but some of the jabs are just plain ignorant..

Using Trey Grayson as a source... on the Pauls?

“I’m hard-pressed to think who else has such hard-core following in the party – maybe Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin,” said Grayson.

Ahhh... whose he kidding?

"Because the elder Paul’s following is as narrow as it is passionate – which is to say he’s unlikely to ever become president..."

It ended nicely but these comments just show the pea sized mindset of the political media.

MikeonFire, I respectfully disagree.

Stupid is the last thing they are. There is purpose behind every statement they make. They intentionaly marginalize Dr Paul. This is exactly the way they get their favorites elected. If politico keeps saying someone has no chance of being elected over and over then it will become a fact. You have to remember the MSM is controlled. If Dr Paul gets elected it will be because of grass root efforts and in spite of the MSM.

Yep, even look at the photo they used with Rand looking silly.

The collectivists in the Democratic party mainly want to split the Republican vote, by semi-supporting someone they don't think has a chance of winning.

And the collectivists in the Republican party want to completely marginalize anyone that they feel has no chance of winning, because it will 'steal' votes from who they think should win.

The people have to come together, organize grassroots, and make the political parties, media, and establishment irrelevant. Freedom is popular!