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Ron Paul on Fox and Friends - 4/26/11

Ron Paul-
"Up early and off to Fox and Friends. It airs at 7:15 am ET"


He will also appear on CNN's In the Arena with Eliot Spitzer (airs at 8pm eastern).

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The interviewer had a

The interviewer had a different tone than last time around. He tried to sandbag RP with the questions, but his tone was much more pleasant. Especially when discussing the military.

Can sombody PLEASE tell Ron

Can sombody PLEASE tell Ron not to say that he will do away with Social Security! He need to explain is position. That sound bite will be the end of him!



Why doesnt he get his crap together on that?

He's done!!

You CANNOT go on shows like this and allow half assed hosts to say those things and just say, "uh well ya". This is the 2nd interview like this.
He just lost the elderly!!

Jackson County Georgia

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I agree!

And this guy was scum. What a waste of an interview. All he did was bring out the things that will scare people away. His ending was definitely sleazy. Oh, we have saved these countries and liberated them and protected them, blah, blah, blah. I mean, like that is our job when people are going without in this country????


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Space Shuttle

To Houston: We Have Another Convert. I hate these MSM phonies, hey the markets up!! Hey who the hell does that help? So Ron you want to get rid of SS & Medicaid and watch all the old people die and you want to get rid of the dept. of education and fire all the teachers is that right? On to my next question. Great book by the way too many facts in it for me and my ilk but I'll put it on my coffee table. This guy and Hannity yeah real fair and balanced fixed news!!!!!!

9/11 was an inside job .....time to get some answers..RP 2012

He said Congressman Ryan at

He said Congressman Ryan at the end.

Columbus, Ohio


They're trying to hint at the only way Fox could get behind Ron 100%.

They want to see a Ron Paul/ Paul Ryan ticket.

I can't say I'm opposed to a Paul/Ryan ticket, but I think RP needs a running mate with gubernatorial experience as a politician/executive. Jesse Ventura would be good, but he could also scare off some folks.

Best ticket is probably Paul/Johnson.

Yeah I had to replay that cause I thought I heard something...

FOX and their subtleties...


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exciting days are here again

Run Ron Run
Run Ron Run...

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Do we want to win?

Then RP can't say he wants to get rid of social security. He will scare the crap out of old people. If he had a chance to talk longer, he of course would have explained he would phase it out for the younger generations.

He needs to work on these sound bites, or it's 2008 all over again. Rand has mastered the art of explaining in sound bites in which he doesn't sound so harsh, yet he is true to his beliefs.

The Social Security Question

I agree with you about the Social Security issue. People only hear that he will eliminate Social Security and with it the 'EPA, Dept of Education' etc.. There is no doubt he has to approach the subject from a differt angle when answering these questions because these interviewers will keep railroading him. Spitzer did it yesterday. I feel he will be dismissed as a viable candidate if this is all anyone wants to talk about and they will. Rand had the right approach before he was elected it was very apparent he was threading softly with regard to some issues and playing to the tea party's concerns. I really think that approach got him elected. I remember once when he was asked about Palin running for President, I nearly keeled over when I heard him say she could be a great President. That type of talk got him elected because Palin had the support of the Tea Pary and Rand was only playing his cards right. I hope Dr. Paul can learn from that.

Lemon Moon

The Social Security question

is a big one and keeps coming up. He needs to do better at answering the question. It does scare the "crap" out of old people. I don't like his response. Most retired people on Social Security have invested in it for years and years. They don't deserve to get it pulled out from under them. Of course, it is not going to go away just like that. He needs to do a better job of explaining that or they will keep throwing it at him and scaring naive people away.


The lip of truth shall be established forever: but a lying tongue is but for a moment...Lying lips are abomination to the LORD: but they that deal truly are His delight. Prov 12:19,22

I agree!

I think when they corner him with these types of questions, Ron Paul needs to jump on how he would phase social security out and not give a simple answer of yes. For people like us who have done the research on Ron it's okay, but for trying to get new people on board, it might scare them to hear the simple answer. He needs more time on a lot of issues to explain how he would phase them out and the only way people are going to understand it, is if they do the research themselves.


he call Paul congressman Ryan at the end?

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i think he did...

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Brian Kilmeade doesn't get it!

Fox shill Brian Kilmeade doesn't get it! There are a bunch of media puppets that don't understand that Americans are sick of going around the world spreading "Democracy" by the end of a gun. #1 it's not constitutional #2 it never works in our favor and #3 there is always blowback. The military industrial complex along with all of the other welfare complexes need to come to an end!

Kilmeade is a dullard.

His job on the show is to appeal to the "mouth breathers".
The chick is on the show to add sex appeal, and Doocy is there for comic relief.
It's like a "morning drive" radio show format on TV.
Pure entertainment with propagandized opinion thrown in for red meat value.

I can't argue with that! It's

I can't argue with that! It's a morning circus show!