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Why The Ron Paul Presidential Run Will Be A MUCH Bigger Deal This Time Around


It's just obvious that in the last four years, since the last time Ron Paul ran for President, the ideological center of gravity in the GOP -- and the whole country for that matter -- has shifted a lot closer to Ron Paul's position.

In 2008, Paul ran a cult campaign as a libertarian, anti-Fed, anti-war Republican.

At the time, nobody in the GOP really cared about the Fed, and for the most part, Bush's wars enjoyed broad support.

Today they're Obama's wars, and the Fed is one of the most disliked institutions around, taking daily abuse even from mainstream outlets like CNBC.

It's inconceivable to think that in the GOP primary, candidates won't be asked for their position on Bernanke, quantitative easing, the role of the dollar, and of all the candidates, only Ron Paul has made a career on all these issues...


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RP 2012 Will be Huge!

RP 2012 Will be Huge!

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Thanks Michael for the front page

Exciting days are here again!
Campaign slogan I came up with the other day:

Ron Paul - The Change We Want To See In America!


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The Fed has a copy of "End the Fed"

My roommate just left. For a job with the Fed. Overseeing Goldman Sachs. I gave him a cherished item as a parting gift. My SIGNED copy of Ron Paul's "End the Fed" . Cant say they havent been warned!

I am finding it interesting

how much broad and varied support RP has this time. SO different than 2007. Good one LL

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It almost scares me how they are giving him time

to talk so much now and treating him fairly well.

It's almost like they want him to win so they can hang this albatross around his neck when they collapse the US economy and loot us out.

RE: It almost scares me...

Nah. They don't want him to win. And he won't win anyway because the majority in this country will never vote for someone who wants to take away their precious government handouts. This country's collapse is inevitable.

I have no expectation that Ron Paul will ever be president. But I will still donate every penny I can to his campaign, and vote for him anyway. Because his message needs to be heard.

And when it all comes crashing down, he can be the one saying "I told you so". Then, maybe then, he (or his son) might stand a chance.