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End Agenda 21


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What do you see as the difference

between a regulatory agency and a court, or a zoning board and a court? You don't like the EPA so why is your argument for a new EPA type authority? Does it really matter if the decision comes from an individual or an oligarchy? Does it matter if the person was elected vs. appointed? No it doesn't but the results can and will hurt someone.

What is your goal with your ecological court? Is it to prevent me from digging a ditch? Digging a well? Cutting down the tree that I own that the community has decided is too big to fail, I mean fall? How about they prevent cutting or trimming all the trees, that would make the decision easier, no? Where do you end?

No it is to structure a loan in a way that can not cause abubble

The comp. plan would basically be a giant topographical index of what resources may be used most efficiently to conform to the lendees business or residence. The court would only concern itself with the local bioregion, the bank is able to create templates for lendees or consult with lendees and/or business consultancy firms to find the best fit. The bank would have incentive to keep a structured loan sustainable soas to insure themselves from lower default rates.

So as far as you not being able to dig a ditch I dont think anybody would stop you, but if you are digging it off loaned money then you should be doing it for a reason or else your passing that bubble off to the next guy.

Whether you think you can or you can't, you're right. -Henry Ford