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Public Policy Poll shows Dr. Paul in Iowa much, much stronger than in 2008

Here are a few nuggets from Public Policy Polling. His favorability is fantastic:

- In Iowa Paul's net favorability with GOP voters is +38 at 55/17. The only Republican more popular with the base than that in the state is Mike Huckabee. Paul's numbers trump Tim Pawlenty (+32), Mitt Romney (+30), Sarah Palin (+29), and Newt Gingrich (+21) as well as a cadre of other less well known candidates. Paul has part of the same problem Palin showed in her polling earlier in the year- a disconnect between the extent to which people like him and their willingness to spend their vote on him- but those are still some pretty good numbers.

- On our 'main' ballot test in Iowa Paul gets 6%, tying Pawlenty and slightly edging Michele Bachmann's 5%. In a field without Donald Trump, Mike Huckabee, and Sarah Palin- something entirely plausible- Paul gets 16%, putting him in third place in the state.

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/ron-paul-already-polling-well...

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Letter writing campaign

Time to start the Iowa letter writing campaign. That was fun last time around. This time, I think that the best way to do would be to work with people canvassing the neighborhoods most heavily.

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I remember `08. The polls

I remember `08. The polls where pretty darn accurate. We've got a TON of work to do.

in a month he will poll at double that

the key is to get many people to IA to work there canvassing...

we need boots on the ground!

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there is no question

that Dr Paul moves people and has shown incredible fund raising prowess and a loyal following that most politicians can only dream of. the question is:" how do we turn that into votes at the ballot box:?

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We can do it, attitudes are changing;

can we do it in time? Maybe the really important question is, can we change public attitudes enough to stop the increase of the police state debt, and wars, no matter who is POTUS?