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Must Watch Adam vs the Man w/ Veterans for Ron Paul 2012

after watching that annoying spitzer guy - what a refreshing show here


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Veterans for Ron Paul buttons...

Designed by Adam, made by little elves in the rEVOLution! Get them for the Vets in your life.


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I LOVE the whole show. . . from "It's OOOoooon!" opening to

"This is Adam K. . . ground ZERO of the Revolution" ending.

SO so good to see Adam, Jake & Nathan mobilizing the Veterans for RP 2012!!!

(Now I have to find out where I can see his show on Bradley Manning!)

Thanks for the Post

Great job Adam.
A lot of masculine, positive energy.
Men with backbone vs a Spineless Congress


I missed his show this evening and I understand it was about Bradley Manning... No repost on RT that I can find yet. But I will wait (somewhat) patiently to see it! lol

Formerly rprevolutionist



Thomas Jefferson: “Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever."

Viva La Revolucion!

I went to the facebook page

I went to the face book page for veterans for Ron Paul 2012 and it's wonderful. I am neither young nor a veteran but what I see going on here is younger, more educated people and those that have served our country realizing that the government does not serve them. It's so refreshing and exciting to be a part of the following of the first candidate that I can say I truly believe in in more than 30 years. I think that all of the people of my generation need to stop and listen because these people have done their own homework, reviewed the real facts, and have thought with their own minds and hearts....Something that, sadly, a lot of us older people don't "have the time" to do. Ron Paul is not the messiah, he's just a man who does his own thinking and actually loves our country and the people (all of the people) that live in it. He will get my vote for anything he endeavors to do.

Hozee, for home run,

very encouraging post, thanks. I like it because of selfish reasons, at my mature age I am concerned for safe-home.
Copying, yours -
"people of my generation need to stop and listen because these people have done their own homework, reviewed the real facts, and have thought with their own minds and hearts...."

With such folks taking action with responsibility we can say the country, i.e. the house, becomes a home = comfort,
then only can we relax, safely.
Wish the liberty movement gains more traction,
remove falsehood, confusion and tyranny.

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Amazing show!

The first 30 minute program, and an excellent one at that, about Ron Paul running for President is on Russia Today?...while not a peep out of our great MSM.

The world is truly upside down.

Effect of U$ury,

SteveMT, very sound observation,
"The world is truly upside down". No doubt about it.
Analyze, probe, do research - what caused it? Modern education will help only a little, the answer lies in Scripture that is un-corrupted, use an index, look for "U$ury", or interest. It has effected sooo many aspects of human life, even the environment and ecology.

There is doubt, confusion and disorder on many wave-lengths, so tune-in to the Fine-Band that aids you against the bank.

Usury is the tool of banks used for enslavement and tyranny.

High Quality

But I don't think it's on TV. I think this is an Internet show. "RT" stands for "Russia Today." Maybe it airs there?

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

Russia Today, yea its a

Russia Today, yea its a limited coverage cable show. My only access is youtube, but in some "big" areas it runs on the tv.


it is on TV in Las Vegas and in LA...at least those are the two places I have noticed so far.

I heard DC too.

I heard DC too.

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"If you're not having fun, you're not doing it

right." -- Adam's favorite quote by Ron Paul.

Bump for late crowd

can't believe this video is not front page material - is Adam black balled from daily paul or something? just watch the thing ...

is his show

actually on television. i dont see a rt network on my list of news channels. he's a great asset to the campaign

bump this motha

bump this motha

WOW! Way to go Adam...

Front page please

Rand Paul 2016 for Peace

shameful bump

to request this video get on front page - just sayin'