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CBS NEWS: Ron Paul announces presidential run, says Obama can't win youth vote

Found the link at the top of the Drudge Report:

Rep. Ron Paul, the Texas Republican known for his staunch libertarian views, announced today he's forming a presidential exploratory committee.

This marks Paul's third bid for the presidency. He first ran in 1988 and again in 2008, winning a small but enthusiastic group of supporters among the GOP electorate.

Part of Paul's fervent support in 2008 was grounded in college-aged voters, a constituency that also largely favored Barack Obama. In this campaign, the 75-year-old Paul said today, Mr. Obama won't be able to hang on to the youth vote.


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Read the text closely...

" anti-interventionist foreign policy "

the MSM has always used the term "isolationist" before.

Think the message is getting through that anti-interventionist and isolationist are not the same?

Ron is right, the politicians and the media are the dog that the people can wag, if enough people are educated.

Hats off to Ron, in 100 years, they will add his face to Mt. Rushmore, by popular demand.

The youth are important

for the future and need to be properly educated and mentored, but let's not forget us 40-50 somethings. We hold the purse-strings for the most part and have that valuable thing called experience to draw from.

It's a team effort.

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"In the beginners mind the

"In the beginners mind the possibilities are endless, in the experts mind, they are few. We must maintain our beginners mind." -Suzuki Roshi

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Here is another pat robertson

Here is another pat robertson interview on ron paul and the ron paul revolution. btw Ron Paul was a preacher and one of his older brothers still is.
Keep it in mind when your knocking on doors.

He's talked about youth before

I remember him saying back in 2008 that when all those young Obama supporters see that their candidate is just more of the same, "we" will get them. Looks like he still has that in mind and I wouldn't be surprised if he is proven to be correct.

"What I want most from the government is to be left alone." GWT


Great find!

I hope that wasn't simply released on the internet only. Any news coverage on the big 3 (cbs, abc, nbc) networks gets tons of views since majority of the people don't have cable.

Great questions and good answers by RP.

Bump for discussion


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