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Rand on CNN 4-26-11

Pretty good interview. Talks about Ron and Donald Trump.


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Rand did great

as always.

Thanks for posting.

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Rand had some great jabs!

Go Rand!

Rand is a fighter!

I like how Rand fights back. He is much more seasoned as a public speaker then he was a few years ago. Rand will be a huge asset for his father this time around. One other point he made is that Ron has 80% name recognition now, that is a huge change from 2008. It will be interesting to see how much gets donated for Ron Paul's first money bomb on debate day. I am going to double my donations to $200 per money bomb and maybe more as we get closer to the primaries.


"It's hard for an entertainer or a comedian to be taken seriously..."

The Donald is hysterical. His bloviating tough-guy combover routine is really convincing.

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Combover...were you referring

Combover...were you referring to Trump's hair-do? Too funny!

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I came here to post the same thing. Great line from the Dr.

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He was armed and prepared for that one...

That was amazing! Gotta love the part about not knowing which party Trump was currently registered to. Ha ha, jokes on you Trumpster.


don't mess with a guys father!! specially if your dad has a great reputation.

Words can not express

how proud I am to hear Rand talk like this. This is another home run my friends. Could it be Ron/Rand ticket....or Ron/Jesse........Wow....a little light again at the end of the tunnel!

Enough with Jesse!

If he didn't have the old wrestling photos to contend with he now announces every chance he gets that he and his wife are going to try to become MEXICAN CITIZENS. On the heels of the Obama citizenship question, it seems to me that Jesse has shot himself in the foot if he REALLY wants to run (which I doubt). This will NOT go well with the voting population in the US.

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Cant have Jesse as VP

He will ruin whatever credibility Ron builds among the masses. Somebody like Paul Ryan or that Rubio guy from Florida would be better.

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With a straight face, Rand called Trump a "comedian."

Comes right toward the end.

Comedian. As in, "Who is this clown?"

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I deleted my post after I saw you got to it first.

Thanks for posting!


Posted from my phone. Its

Posted from my phone. Its acting nuts today.

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