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Ron Paul on CNBC 4/27/11 - Destroys the Fed, etc.

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Fed wants inflation

The obvious reason Ben/the Fed wants inflation is that it is PURE PROFIT for them. Deficit spending gives T-securities to the Fed. As soon as T-securities are transferred to the Fed, the Fed can sell them at T-auctions. The auction money is received by the FRBNY and NEVER revealed in the ANNUAL REPORT TO CONGRESS. The Fed received $8.4 TRILLION last year and never told Congress what happened to it. Details in RIP OFF BY THE FED, http://www.scribd.com/doc/49040689 among other locations.

RP is a fine wine, but there is a problem here

but honestly he does get tripped up... (as would all of us) however he maintains his class and that has gotten him this far.

The problem I could see is RP not clarifying the libertarian position on social issues and getting pounded into the dirt by people exploiting "hot button" issues that bring the electorate to the ballot box.

The thing is.. the Old America is dying, but they are still voting... and voting for condidates based on emotion...

If RP cant give people that emotion then WE WILL HAVE TO FOR HIM!

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"voting for condidates based on emotion"

Bingo. You nailed that one, I had the same discussion with my mom the other day. The majority of Americans want a Jim Jones to follow off the cliff rather than think.

LOL! Let the games begin,

LOL! Let the games begin, bastards!

I love the man, I really do....

Something is definitely different this time around!

Good days.

That was a great interview

I feel like he does best on Squawk Box. Maybe because he does not feel as though he needs to water down or change his message to the audience. Some really great points to get the kids at home fired up. Can't wait for the debates! The rest of the gang will sound like children being schooled by the master. Keep the discussion coming back to monetary policy on every issue.

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Dr. Paul needs Focus

He's got a bit of a way to go before he comes across as articulate as he was back during the 2008 election.

Granted, Dr. Paul has always been a bit of a rambler (so much info to get across, too little time), but he really needs to gain some focus. He can't explain everything in a single response, so he needs to limit his response and actually detail what he'll do.

That's been a problem in the recent interviews; when asked directly what he'd do as president, he explains what he can't and will not do and why, and what needs to happen in the scheme of things...but people are going to want to know exactly what he hopes to do as president.

The only clear answer I got from this interview is that he could sandbag the Congress until they come up with better budgetary bills. But I know what Dr. Paul is all about. I have an appreciation for what he'll accomplish and why. He always has received a donation and will get my vote -- but he needs to explain it better to those that don't know his background so well.

I'm just a little concerned that when he doesn't do any explaining, interviews feed him his hot topic issues -- getting rid of medicare, social security, and the welfare state. That isn't something he can run for president on directly and hope to get elected with -- ESPECIALLY when he isn't afforded the opportunity to explain that he wouldn't pull the rug out from under anyone NOR the chance to explain why doing these things are NECESSARY.

Focus, Focus!

Were you watching the same

Were you watching the same interview as I was? He did great and will shake things up as the rest of the contenders look like polished liars while he exudes raw honesty. Everyone who supports him needs to stop complaining about his delivery, suit, shoes, hair, yadda yadda. Voters are either going to wake up to the reality of the mess we are in and embrace RP when they hear him or they will vote for the same old. RP is not going to win by stealth and phony public relations hype. He will win only if people can shake off their utter stupidity and see the solutions he is telling them point blank. He doesn't need repackaging, the viewers need their minds unpackaged. He is there to give them their wake up call and they better listen or else.

I agree...

And I'm not trying to suggest to change his message and not speak his mind...but to me -- someone who hasn't seen him speak in quite a while -- he comes off as a rambler. He jumps from point A to Z and a lot of times fails to explain clearly a single point, leaving confusing loose ends. I understand what he is trying to say -- but I'm worried that the message will become too confusing for someone who hasn't listened to him before.

I think Dr. Paul needs to speak about every single issue he is currently talking about...but he needs to be concise. He well-reasoned, common-sense beliefs are radical in our modern time, and without fully explaining something like "getting rid of medicare/social security/the fda", he risks alienating people who might normally agree, had he explained the rational behind said ideas.

But I'm far from worried. This is just the start of the campaign. And he is most definitely spry for a 75 year old man. I'm just awaiting a return to form of the rational statesmen from 2008. To me at least, his rantings and half-articulated ideas make him appear more alarmist than statesmen. I seem to be in the minority on that here. I hope I remain in the eyes of the majority of potential voters.

EDIT: As a note, I think he did fantastic in the Cenk interview. I imagine we'll see more of the same. Not trying to put Dr. Paul down or be a complainer. I just didn't think this particular interview was that good...

I think it's interesting that you would say that

I, on the other hand, feel he is MUCH more clear with his answers, especially for those who don't have any background. I listened to his 2008 speeches and always wondered if "new people" would know what he was talking about. NOW, I hear him offering simplified and shortened explanations, that I feel are much better at getting newcomers up to speed.

Also, I like it that he doesn't just limit himself to the specific question, but ALWAYS manages to show how everything is interrelated instead of fragmented.

Hmmmmm, I just found your response so opposite of what I was seeing. I'll have to watch them all again...... oh DARN! hahaha

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I feel like I'm in the minority! It seems like almost every comment I've read on his interviews praised his focus and diligence. I'm not not seeing it!

Granted, I haven't gone back to his 2008 speaches recently. In fact, when I was at the Rally was the last time I heard him speak about the '08 election (whether in the form of interview or going back on YouTube).

Still, as a hibernating Paulite for the past few years (sans some money to Rand), I feel the way I do as if he were new to me all over again.

man are you off

The radical honesty and constitutional restraint makes my jaw drop. This snippet is a good example: Joe Kernan: "I understand you are hoping to be king of america. What will you do as king to reign in the Fed?"
Ron Paul: "Well actually I will be president and There is not much the president can do...."
Every other Republican candidate would say ".. well Joe, I will be a generous king and if they agree to kiss my ring I will forgive them. Otherwise I will rain fire and brimstone upon them using the full might of the US military."

Make sure

you send a link of this to all your contacts. People who don't know about him will be impressed with the backdrop. The words will not mean much right now but the image will speak volumes to those who are new.

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well said Mike

That is what we have to do to win.

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Ron was on Fire

Wow -- He is so sharp and well spoken on the financial issues. I love seeing him with his A-game on when he does an interview. Nobody is better at outing the monster of the FED and he sure looks like he is commanding the responses better than he ever has.

Go Ron!

I think Paul/Paul sounds

I think Paul/Paul sounds good, not sure what the host's prob with it was.

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Oops the video feed - but he's going to be back tomorrow

He's going to be back tomorrow! Maybe he'll be on every day.

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This was an absolutely amazing interview! I will look to this video for a long time.

Down with NWO tyranny!

We Can Do It.

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sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

Ron Paul On Dylan Ratigan...Just Announced..

Once Again Ron Paul On TV Cable PMSNBC

Do you think your son could be VP?...Paul... Paul...Idiots !

Ron Paul : "I don't think that's likely."

I think they were all ready to cream Rand

due to his inexperience with the sharp knives. Rachel Maddow was probably primed and ready to take him out. Odd that they are all asking that same question! hahahahaha RP got em again!

Thomas Jefferson: “Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever."

Viva La Revolucion!

This time Rand is ready for

This time Rand is ready for them...did you see his comment about Trump on CNN?

WOW! Chairman Paul was on fire!

(in the good sort of way).

A grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat interview.

Thanks for posting.

I can see a rainbow...


LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

Thank you CNBC for respecting Dr. Paul.

CNBC has a good record of treating him fairly and respectfully.

They always allow him to speak quite freely and they ask intelligent questions.

And they seem to have a decent grasp on how Fed shennanigans are causing economic trouble in the U.S.

I applaud CNBC for this.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

Real Deal in 2012

What's great about this run is that even the establishment guys realize Ron Paul will be a force this time!

This guy swallows hard and has to acknowledge that a bunch of high-profile politicos are on board in Iowa: http://www.redcounty.com/content/ron-paul-you-cannot-laugh-h...

He still has to detract from RP near the end, of course, but he does see the writing on the wall.

It will still be very tough but this primary is winnable!

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Glenn Beck

Ron was on Glenn's Radio show around 11:30am EST this morning, anyone got a clip? He was talking about the FED..

I Just caught a bit and had to go into a meeting so I couldn't record but I think Beck's show is on a loop somewhere.

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