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"Chairman" Bernanke

For the past 2 weeks, the media has talked about "Chairman" Bernanke!

They spewed: "Oh, this is unprecedented, Chairman Bernanke is going to answer questions from the media!"

"For the first time, a Fed Chairman is going to speak to the media (read slaves)!"

"No Chairman has attempted this before...."

"In the past, the Fed board has dismissed this as a bad idea."

First off, every time I hear the word "Chairman" it makes me cringe--and anyone who has spent time in China, or one of her territories, understands the significance of this word. This title conjures up two meanings, one is despotism (i.e., Chairman Mao), the second is the leader of a Chinese company (small or large) which, in the majority of circumstances, is not too dissimilar than the first meaning.

Working in a Chinese company, (speaking via 2 different experiences) one learns quickly that the Chairman is usually arrogant, greedy, a squander, and pretentious--which is putting it mildly. In both of my experiences, they both ended up in hot water. One is still on the lam and the other was deported, both for the same exact reasons: theft, bankruptcy and corruption.

Couldn't we describe many of the Fed "Chairmans" with similar characteristics? I don't remember in recent memory anyone in the public spotlight as arrogant or pretentious as Alan Greenspan. Of course, why shouldn't he be??? I mean, he got away with the total destruction of our economy and all he said was, "My ideology might had been wrong!" Someone can see this very same thing in Japanese society, all it takes is a deep and seemingly meaningful bow and all is cured. But of course, our despot, Chairman Greenspan, got off with just a few words and skipped the deep and seemingly meaningful bow--basically he kicked sand in all of our faces no one even cares.

If anyone doubts that the US has turned into anything other than a free and just republic, remind them that only in America that someone in power could screw up so monumentally and so destructively wind up writing a book about it, denying it, and making millions from it... and, of course, not even say they were sorry. Moreover, maybe enlighten them to the fact that on top of our whole system of control sits a little man with the title of "Chairman" who has similar characteristics to every despot who has ever terrorized the free world. Maybe ours does not use direct force or direct violence, but ours is certainly just as arrogant, greedy, squandering, pretentious AND dangerous as any other!

All Hail, Chairman Bernanke!
The Dear Leader of our Farcical Free Republic

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