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UPDATE: RP2012 Design ~ 4x6 Cards and Business Cards !

Design, branding, and presentation are incredibly important. That's why I spent the last couple months preparing a Branding identity for the 2012 campaign.

Please check out the design and let me know what you think:

Justin Wood goes over the 5 different flyers at Ron Paul Designs, and different reasons why you should use certain kinds of flyers for talking to prospective voters.


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I like the flight image.

Also, what is an eagle but a big hawk? Maybe this will pave the way for more flag-wavers to get behind Ron's candidacy.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

I've been wanting a bumper

I've been wanting a bumper sticker, but holding off until Ron announces. Just bought a blue one from OP site. After searching the web, I chose this design. Best out there right now imho.

"The world is a dynamic mess of jiggling things, if you look at it right." - Richard Feynman

Depends on what stage of maturity

It kind of boils down to what stage of maturity you want to display for the Eagle.An immature Bald Eagle is all brown with a darker beak.As it matures it starts to grow out the white feathers in stages,at mid stage between immature and fully mature it looks very similar to a Golden Eagle with some white feathers behind it's neck and white bases on the tail feathers similar to what you have currently.At full maturity the Bald Eagle has a full white head and fully white tail feathers and its beak becomes bright yellow.Important note would be both tail feathers and head feathers are fully white as snow.

As for association with Ron Paul it may be appropriate to display as mature,Not sure what color the tail feathers are but the head feathers are white for sure.LOL!

If I disappear from a discussion please forgive me. My 24-7 business requires me to split mid-sentence to serve them. I am not ducking out, I will be back later to catch up.

not an eagle!

I hate to break the news to you but thats not an eagle its a hawk. Look up pictures of each. An eagle has a longer head and a longer beak. Its head is all white.

I LIKE how this is NOT associated with any PARTY

That is the biggest PRO of this design.

I also LIKE how the bird is a V. subliminal...nice.

Not 100% on the color...maybe a bit more silver/blue - don't have my PMS book...but maybe a tweek there. the Gold Idea below was kinda cool too.

Questions: Don't they have a logo going already at the website? They are already considering a "rebrand"? Or did you just think to do this yourself?

I can see a really cool animation of the original V

I can see a really cool animation of the splattery / red original V morphing into this slick new Ron Paul "Bird" V...

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Drop the eagle

Understand, I'm a minimalist with art, marketing, and advertising experience. No disrespect for your nice design.
All that is needed is the name, and as noticable as you can make it. Other designs and emblems detract.
Take the billboard as an example. You want it to show from the greatest distance, and it will be viewed for only a second or two. One message is all you have time for. And why have his name in big letters, then a web site in small letters? IMO, just put the website in big letters...that's all you need. www.RONPAUL2012.com

Undo what Wilson did

I like it but, there is no reason

for the eagle to be soo big, and Ron's name smaller. Ron Paul's should be BIG, so people can see it from a distance.

I prefer

the ever present Ron Paul blue sign ala the 50 ft sign guy! These became so prevalent and accompanied the Ron Paul chants.

Looks great

I would suggest other shades of blue or even trying the red (on RP 2012 logo,below Midas add on this page).

The image seems very comfortable. It could be misconstrued as something neocon though.

It looks pretty cool.

But don't tell me it took you months to create this.

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sorry, but you sound like someone with very

little design experience -- or someone not striving for excellence.

umm, I was kinda thinking the same thing

And I have tons of design experience. I think the OP meant he spent months thinking about it and a few hours creating it once he decided on a design. The guy above you probably thought he meant it took months of design time to make the current design specifically. If that happens to be the case then the original designer is a bit slow.
I like the design though--very simple and elegant.

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I would agree the most time often is spent

on thinking and concept, and coming up with a perfect symbol of this Ron Paul "brand" is very difficult. Of course a whole lot of time can also go into details, color selections, size & layout adjustments, font research & selection.
I'm a very slow designer who ends up settling because I could go forever nitpicking and readjusting and changing. Over at least a year I've been thinking and trying variations for a fresh symbol that communicates liberty universally. Darned hard, so I easily understand the effort it has taken coming up with this ad branding project.

I love it. It looks awesome!

I love it. It looks awesome! One thing that someone else said is to make the eagle's head white, with it being dark, it kind of looks like a hawk. Which is not good symbolism. ;)

Another thing would be to try a different eagle image. This eagle looks like it's just cruising. Try one that is rising which I think would have more meaning. American Eagle rising again.

Like this one:


or this one but slanted a little more upward:


Columbus, Ohio

That first photo is really nice!

I wonder how it would look as only an outline though because the head is inline with a wing.

Yeah. That's the designer's

Yeah. That's the designer's job! :)

Make the head white which is the defining symbol of a bald eagle and you're good to go.

Columbus, Ohio


I have to say that I like it a lot. Elegant and powerful. Stick with the eagle.

However, why would we want just ONE logo for the campaign? Why not several different styles of logos and signs? Every time somebody saw a new one it might grab their attention again. It would also speak to Ron Paul's ability to pull in different people with different views. You don't have to agree with Ron on EVERY issue to know he is the right choice for us. With many different logos individuals could choose the visual that they believe bests fits their support of Ron Paul.

NOTE: I am not advocating violence in any way. The content of the post is for intellectual, theoretical, and philosophical discussion. FEDS, please don't come to my house.

I like the simplicity

I like the eagle with its wings in a "V" shape (for victory!) although I would like its head to be more white, even on the colored backgrounds.

Another good simple universally loved appropriate American symbol, which Ron Paul could "own" for his campaign, is the liberty bell. Especially since the US Post Office has it on the Forever stamps now, people are used to seeing it.

...and the Liberty Bell is GOLD!


Personally, I think I'd rather have a liberty bell bumper sticker. Can you try that one next?

LOVE the clean, sophisticated

LOVE the clean, sophisticated modernism, especially the 2012 font.
This IS 2012 after all (the future, right?).
However I agree with most commenters that the eagle, why lovely and graceful looking, may not be the best symbol, or the easiest for grassroots to reproduce. Also too unoriginal, like a common stencil, and not thought-provoking enough.
You're obviously a fantastic designer and we are very grateful for your work. Maybe just brainstorm a little more and play with further suggestions you get.

The Bald Eagle is a symbol of freedom to most Americans.

The more obscure or original you get, the less people you will reach. For elections, catching the attention of a wide range of people is more important than being original.

For example, it would be really original to feature Benjamin Franklin's bird, the Turkey, on campaign materials, but it would probably not do good.

Even the idea of the Liberty Bell is a good one, but I don't think the bell is as popular a symbol for freedom and America, as the eagle.

Nice design

But the "official" color for the Republican Party is red instead of blue. Remember the socialist Dems decided they did not like red several years ago so they swapped. (I recall that they equated red with communism or something.) Anyhow it needs to be a red background, I think.

Give us clear vision, that we may know where to stand and what to stand for - because unless we stand for something, we shall fall for anything.
~ Peter Marshall, US Senate Chaplain 1947

Satire story about the eagle

Be sure to read the comments and post your own...


I have to give them credit on the black and white photo critic

It does make it look like it's from out of a history book. It would be much better to have a vibrant colorful one, especially since the establishment is going to attack Ron Paul on his age.

Color is expensive. There is

Color is expensive. There is a reason that most political signs typically only use 2-3 colors.

Not on the internet.

The Internet is color free.

very nice!

I like the shirt design and if I could I'd probably buy one for my wife.

I just bought this shirt for myself:


I saw the "silver" design from this shop advertised on Don't Tread On Me. That one is cool too, but I couldn't resist the clever take on the love/revolution design.


Ron Paul's official campaign color should be GOLD.

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Gold / Red combination can be stunning, too.

I do miss seeing his personal image on at least some of the campaign items.

Michael N's "I support Ron Paul" posters and shirts are still my all time favorite.

But all in all, it's a true labor of love: many thanks to the designer!