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The Fed Will Make Sure Obama Wins in 2012: Strategist

As we approach next year's presidential elections, the chances of President Barack Obama being ousted by a rival from either side of the political divide are low, according to Thanos Papasavvas, the head of currency management at Investec Asset Management.

“History is very much on the side of the incumbent President and unless we have a double-dip recession with a significant increase in unemployment I don’t believe Obama will lose 2012,” Papasavvas said in an interview with CNBC on Thursday.

“On the economic side, any signs of a deteriorating economic environment will see the Fed enacting QE3 (the third round of quantitative easing, or creating money) and hence indirectly reducing the probability of the economy derailing Obama,” Papasavvas added.


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this guy is an idiot.. when

this guy is an idiot.. when you bring on qe3 you will have even more inflation. Gas at 7.00 a gallon will not get barry soetero relected. Actually it will make sure he is a one term president.

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phew, so we really don't have to gnash our teeth and groan when

the Fed keeps on injecting QE 3, 4 and more, like a junkie on deathbed. . .

the grand law of nature somehow will bring about the natural course of events. . . heaven's mandate will be pronounced. . . karma will be met

good to know that more than our (& Obm's) little wishes and hopes are at work here.

The fed is between a rock and

The fed is between a rock and a hard place. Look at Bernanke yesterday. I was expecting him to come out and say they would be strong dollar advocates etc and instead he was nuetral to the exact opposite.

The FED can not raise rates. they can not discontinue QE. As they continue QE gas goes up, food goes up and the natives get restless. Look at the other post where the Republicans were having town hall meetings and the people were giving grief to the Senators and the Reps. And thats at 4.00 a gallon gas. what happens at 8.00? The FED can not gaurantee Barry a second term. Then again what other kind of an essay would you expect from CNBC.

I think what this guy says is absolutely right

I think the "big name" Republicans know it and that is why they are being half hearted about running.

I think that is why RP just may cinch the nomination... and.. get lots of face time and exposure.

Will he be allowed to WIN over Obama.... probably not.
Does that make the effort meaningless..... ABSOLUTELY not.

The FED, and the economy are going down, and we want an educated populace for the rebuilding. We want the masses deciding on FREEDOM and not dictatorship when everything falls apart.

Ron Paul's run may be the most important event in our lifetimes, as he PREPARES the MINDS of the masses to chose Liberty!

Thomas Jefferson: “Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever."

Viva La Revolucion!

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Like Cicero. . .

(I cried while reading Liberty Defined p. 84 - on Empire.)

"Cicero failed to save the Republic, but he left a great legacy in his effort and influenced generations to come - including the Founders of our own republic."

(Ron is doing this not just for the measly rigged 2012, but for Americans and humans for many decades to come. And he's inviting us to be a part of that swelling wave of the cries for LIBERTY. . . America, again, will be reborn as the source of goodness, prosperity and strength, when liberty rejects drone-wielding imperial dictators.)