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The 9 Places Where Inflation is Crushing Us [Can You Hear Us Now, Ben?]

By Jeff Reeves

ROCKVILLE, Md. — Inflation is far from under control and it’s time that Americans demand our government officials do something about it.

The Federal Reserve would have you believe that everything is fine, focusing on core inflation rates and ignoring broader measures of inflation as they affect food and energy. These commodity-driven prices, as our central banking overlords would have you believe, are naturally more volatile and shouldn’t be overstated.

You would think after Fed bureaucrat William Dudley was castigated for talking up the affordability of iPads while ignoring real family expenses, our Federal Reserve officials would have woken up to reality. But after the publicity stunt by Chairman Ben Bernanke on Wednesday, it’s clear that the Fed — and perhaps many Americans as a result — is in denial when it comes to the inflationary trends crippling U.S. households. Read about how the Fed’s reckless policy has created a catastrophic bubble on InvestorPlace.com.


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Did anyone

watch the Judge interview Gary Johnson last night in response to Bernanke's tête-à-tête? He asked him if he (Johnson) would end the Fed. Johnson said "Yes".

I spoke out loud to the TV..."Uh, sounds like Ron Paul there buddy." My sleeping husband thought I was talking to him...it's going to be an interesting campaign season.

AND...when the Judge was talking about Oil with his panel...the woman to his left - he asks her why we can't drill in the USA - she replies with her programmed response..."We have to diversify and stop being dependent on foreign oil..."

Again, I spoke to the TV; "Drilling at home WILL make us less dependent on foreign oil!" Woke up the hubby again...watched to see if the Judge would reach over and strangle the woman...he was cool...wish he'd have called her out on her inane response.

Oh my...what an interesting cast of characters who claim to be 'experts'.

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Peter Schiff calls Ben Bernanke a Liar

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